Europa League Preview- Group F

13 hours to go for the start of game week 24 and the start of the elite champions league and europa league matches… While all the managers are intensely preparing for their matches we look in to the group previews once again.. this time we stir our limelight towards Group F where all the 4 managers are eager to get towards the next stage.

US PESCARA(managed by goonerdhanesh), LIMERICK FC(managed by Captain Shirokov), FC NORDSJAELLAND(managed by Abhishek) and FULHAM(managed by Back to Back Ballacks) are the qualified managers who are gonna fight fiercely in the coming weeks.

US Pescara had a dream start in FFS UEFA Serie A league in season 1 and was in contention for UCL berth till the final stages, but eventually slipped down to 5th place and qualified automatically for the UEL. However things are a bit atrocious at the moment  for the club from the start of second season as Pescara has lost all 4 games and is sure to be battling hard in the relegation zone in the coming weeks.

Limerick FC had a mixed 1st season in RoE league and his 9 wins and 10 losses ensured him a place in UEL. Again he is having a mixed 2nd season with 2 wins and 2 losses in RoE league so far.

Abhishek was duly rewarded with a place in the UEL for his contributions towards FFS UEFA and is poised to be the one who i think can surprise the other 3 managers with his team.

With 9 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw Fulham managed to grab a decent 9th in the highly contested EPL season 1. And with 3 wins and 1 draw in the second season of EPL, Fulham is the team which is in form at the moment and if he can continue his fine form in UEL then we can expect some fireworks in the coming weeks.

FPL ranking wise, US Pescara is the lower ranked amongst 4 clubs. Pescara stands now at 60,631 whereas Limerick FC  is ranked 1,367 and is far ahead of the pack along with Fulham who is also ranked 3,093 whereas FC Nordsjælland is ranked 49,774.

Pescara seems to have no choice other than to activate wildcard whereas the other 3 managers still have the wildcard available with them. With all three managers other than Pescara having the tactical advantage, i can see this group will be down to 3 teams who fight hard to grab the coveted 2 spots for the knockouts..

PREDICTION: If form and rankings are taken into consideration, it is easy to predict both LIMERICK FC and FULHAM will comfortably sneak through to the knockouts, but the other 2 managers will not give up without a fight, that is for sure..

Good luck to all 4 teams and may the best 2 teams advance..


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