EUROPA League Preview Groups B and D

With Europa League hostilities set to resume on Tuesday, current holder Duffman, manager of Standard Leige will be hoping to hold on to his crown. But, a whole host of challengers will be vying to take that crown from him. Here we examine the contenders and pretenders that make up Group B

 Athletic Bilbao – The Parmtree

Paris St. Germain – Super Zlatan

Newcastle United – China Mag

Maccabi Tel-Aviv – JKisthe1


Athletic Bilbao – (The Parmtree)vs Maccabi Tel-Aviv – (JKisthe1)

There is no doubt that this is an extremely tough group. The Parmtree had an excellent La Liga campaign and now finds himself gunning for EUROPA glory. With a wc active for GW24 he is a hard one to predict, though I expect his team to be based around the RvP, Aguero template. Parmtree can be a little inconsistent, but on his day he can beat anyone, but as we all know Head to Head’s can be unpredictable. Parmtree opens with a Council grudge match against JK, where the 4 point home advantage could prove crucial. Let’s be honest JK’s record in FFS UEFA competitions so far has been ordinary at best. A bottom placed finish in the groups of last season’s tournament was followed up by relegation from La Liga in FFS UEFA leagues season 1. Add this to the fact that he has been handed arguably the toughest group in the whole competition to try and put that right. Although on his day JK is a match for anyone, too often he has tried for that differential pick that just hasn’t worked and cost points. With his wc active, the question is, will JK opt to play safe and give himself a chance, or will he be unable to resist the pull of yet another differential punt? His chances may come down to this.

Crucial battle – Bale (Bilbao) v Fellaini (Maccabi)

Paris St. Germain – (Super Zlatan v Newcastle United) – China Mag

Super Zlatan is another force to be reckoned with. Relying on the power of Zlatan, and the love, he hopes of Mila Kunis, Zlatan will be aiming to go all the way. A truly fierce competitor Zlatan will be looking to get off to a flying start, as he will know that every point will make a huge difference in such a strong group. Perhaps not well know to those who don’t frequent the Dead Zone, China Mag is, nevertheless, a very strong competitor. Despite leading the rather epic fail that was the Marveaux bandwagon at the start of the season China Mag has proven himself to be a very capable manager.and one whom his opponents should be wary of underestimating him.

Crucial Battle Mata (PSG) v Suarez (Newcastle)


PSG, Maccabi, Bilbao, Newcastle


With that out of the way we can now go ahead and look at Group D which also looks to be very much a group of death, with Granville’s ranking of just outside 16,000 being the lowest.

Sevilla – Chris White

West Ham – Granville

Palermo – Mark

Feyenoord – Cabaye4


Palermo – (Mark) v West Ham (Granville)

Could there be a better way to kick off Group D than with a true clash of the heavyweights as FFS supremo’s Mark and Granville go head to head. In recent weeks Mark has enjoyed massive strokes of luck, whilst Granville seems to be having a season from hell, with every player he brings in seemingly getting injured. This could be the perfect chance for Granville to exact a bit of revenge. Of course he has struggled this season, whilst Mark finds himself sitting comfortably inside the top 100. Never mind Ali v Foreman, Tyson v Bruno or Lewis v Ruddock, THIS is a true heavyweight clash

Crucial Battle – Aguero (West Ham) v Dzeko (Palermo)

Feyenoord (Cabaye4) v Sevilla (Chris_White)

Another tremendous tie featuring 2 players. Chris currently sits just outside 1k, with Cabaye4 just outside 10k. Like everything else in this group, this os just so tough to call and the margin of victory could be slim. In Chris_White we have ourselves a member of that new found club, the Power 5, he has gone with Mata, Bale, Michu, Walcott and Fellaini is his midfield and this could well be the ultimate of all deciding factors. Cabaye4 will perhaps be hoping that whatever transfer he makes (likely to be in the forward position) will be enough to overcome the midfield big boys.

Crucial Battle –  The Power 5 (Sevilla) v 3-43 (Feyenoord)


Palermo, Sevilla, West Ham, Feyenoord


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  1. excellent writeup, JK! lets get this party started!!! 😀

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