Europa League Preview – Groups C and H by Abhishek

FFS UEFA reviews the UEFA Europa League group stages C and H, featuring Wiggly☆☆Business the highest ranked team in that group and on the other side Doosra, who is a fan favorite team in Group H.

Group C – Hertha BSC,  Manchester United, Bordeaux, Genoa

Predicted Qualifiers : Hertha BSC , Manchester United

Match day 1 (gw24) Stats Preview ———– >

Genoa [EX]  vs Manchester United [Impressive Tackle] :

As we go for the fixtures of the current gameweek of this group, we check the hot candidates Genoa [EX]  vs Manchester United [Impressive Tackle]. Checking their overall team value for this week there is not much difference in both of the teams, where Genoa is at 107.9 and Manchester United at 107.5. Genoa is far behind Manchester United in overall rankings, with a difference of 15,620 in rank between them. Going on their hits per gameweek, Genoa does take hits once in 4 gameweeks, whereas Manchester United takes hit in random manners (Once a 8 point hit). They have both played their Wildcards earlier, so no comparison in WC.

From the looks of the team, I predict Manchester United to win this week from a good margin.

Bordeaux [Ryan] vs Hertha BSC [Billy Ketsu] :

This is one of my favorite fixtures of this group, as both are tough candidates to each others as both are selecting captains different every time they go for it. So Bordeaux [Ryan] vs Hertha BSC [Billy Ketsu] , Ryan having a home ground support surely the fans will favour Ryan to win this but according to the stats Hertha BSC wins this Fixture.

Let’s see some of the highlighted stats of this fixture:

1) In terms of Overall Rankings, Hertha BSC > Bordeaux.

2) In terms of Team Value, Hertha BSC > Bordeaux by a difference of 1.7M.

3) Bordeaux having Tevez and Ba where Hertha BSC having Suarez and Podolski. Bordeaux’s strikers have the better fixtures, but rotation hanging over their heads.

4) Bordeaux Having Michu while Hertha BSC having Bale.

So from the home ground advantage and the overall looks of the stats, I fancy Hertha BSC to win this by low margin.

Group H – Standard Liege, West Bromwich Albion, Torino, FC Steaua Bucuresti

Predicted Qualifiers: Torino , FC Steaua Bucuresti

Match day 1 (gw24) Stats Preview ———– >

Torino [Bowstring]  vs West Bromwich Albion [Snake Juice] :

Both teams are sub-10k ranks, which might be difficult to predict which one will win and which one will not. Torino has never taken 8 point hit in the entire season, whereas West Bromwich Albion has taken 8 point hit once in the season. Torino [Bowstring] vs West Bromwich Albion [Snake Juice], is one of my favourite fixtures of this gameweek, both are furious rivals against each others and they can do anything to win against each other. Torino having a home ground support and their team going with weakened goalies surely the odds of winning against away team is difficult for sure. Their team values are almost same just a 0.1M difference between them.

It will be a tight match for sure can see a draw here, but I predict West Bromwich Albion to win this.

Standard Liege [Duffman] vs FC Steaua Bucuresti [Doosra] :

Fan favourite Doosra enters Europa despite having been relegated in season 1 of the EPL, whereas Duffman is back to defend his crown.

Comparing on the basis of the Stats :

1) Overall Ranking: Standard Liege > FC Steaua Bucuresti by a significant margin.

2) Team Value: Standard Liege > FC Steaua Bucuresti by 0.1 M

3) Hit Rate: Standard Liege has taken Hits only 3 times this season whereas FC Steaua Bucuresti has taken hits in nearly every gameweek including some 8 point hits.

4) Standard Liege has gone for 3-4-3 standard formation whereas FC Steaua Bucuresti has gone for 3-5-2 formation.

5) The main worrying factor for Standard Liege is he is not having Bale for this gameweek, whereas FC Steaus Bucuresti has Bale who has exploded every 5 weeks this season.

So going with the stats and home ground support, I predict Standard Liege to win this gameweek.

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  1. C’mon Torino!!!

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