Pre-competition Status Check (CL + Europa) – Please Read

Just a few important things to be aware of before the first gameday kicks off:

If you have not already read the rules, please do so now! That way you will know about home field advantage (a pretty big deal) and potential tie-breakers, etc.

Refer to the Europe drop down menu at the top of the page for anything and everything you need related to your competition (Pressers, HOF, fixtures, results, standings, write-ups, etc).

So far the presser’s have been quite good. We hope that the participating managers will keep this up while the rest of you find a way to join it! Please make sure to put your pressers on the correct post that matches with your competition. We will have a presser committee that gives out weekly awards for the best presser/team news from each competition.

I just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help out with write-ups, HOF and updating the results and tables. Please join me in giving a big thanks to TorresMagic, Berbilly, Shipstronstrev, Kaz, Declan McCarthy, TM245, Milanista, JK, Abhishek, Goonerdhanesh, and Roscola!

Also thanks to Pratik for coding a page for the CL and for Europa that displays all the scores so that the manual updating jobs are much easier.

Best of luck to you all on your first gameday! Except, of course, the Manager of Nice ;).

One thought on “Pre-competition Status Check (CL + Europa) – Please Read

  1. Thank you to everyone involved for making this an awesome experience!

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