Champions League GW1 Review Groups A-D by Shipstontrev

Group A

Liverpool (Optimus) 60 beat Hamburg (4Vets) 49

Optimus made a winning start to his CL campaign with this victory over Liverpool fan 4Vets, and in doing so made it into the top 1k in the overall FPL rankings. Both managers had RVP(C), Mata, Walcott and Davies, but the 17 points for Leighton Baines allowed Optimus to compensate for his poor transfer choices. 4Vets played his Winter Wildcard, but Aguero failed to boost his tally as QPR held Man City at bay on Tuesday night.

Atalanta (MJ6987) 61 beat Rennes (Sarnab Wazza) 48

MJ had lost his last 4 H2H games in Serie A, but had a comfortable win over his Ligue 1 opponent. Again RVP(C), Walcott, Mata and Davies were in both managers’ teams, and both also had Zabaleta and Aguero. The decision that decided the match was Sarnab selling Bale and Sturridge as part of his Winter Wildcard. MJ had both, so was able to profit.

Next week’s matches are 4Vets v MJ and Sarnab v Optimus. 4Vets must feel he has a chance, but things are looking ominous for Sarnab, who will need to take full advantage of being at home.

Group B

Twente (Jinswick) 68 beat Inter Milan (Isacki) 50

Jinswick had won his last 4 H2H games in the RoE League, and he continued this good form with an 18 point win over Isacki. As in Group A, both managers had RVP(c), Walcott, Mata and Davies, and although Isacki had Cisse to Jinswick’s Lambert, the crucial pick was Baines and the 17 points he brought.

Deportivo La Coruna (Boom Shakalaka) 61 beat Sochaux (Chazza) 56

The first close match of the GW saw Boom’s 4 point home advantage the main difference as La Liga just saw off Ligue 1, despite Chazza playing his Winter Wildcard. Yet again RVP(C), Walcott, and Mata were in both players’ teams, as were Bale and Michu. Boom had Berbatov and Fletcher up front, while Chazza had Suarez and an interesting defensive differential in Fabio of QPR.

Next week’s matches are Chazza v Jinswick and Isacki v Boom. Chazza must be thinking he can make home advantage pay, but Isacki must be a little concerned.

Group C

Nice (Lateriser) 89 beat Barcelona (TW) 54

Even by his own depressingly high standards Lateriser had a brilliant week, with just about every player in his team except RVP(C) scoring well. Just to rub salt into TW’s wounds, even his transfer was a humdinger, with Baines coming in for Gibbs. Giroud, Suarez, Walcott, Mata, Bale, Mignolet and Davies gave him the points, and he is now up to a magnificent 29th overall in the FPL standings. TW must be cursing his luck, as 54 points was comfortably over the average GW score and he could surely not have expected to lose by 35 points. Hopefully having Aguero and Sturridge will pay off for him later in the Group Stages.

Swansea (Evs) 59 beat Verona (Reina Man) 45

Wales’s finest used home advantage to take a 4 point hit, which brought him Bale, Baines and a 14 point win over Reina Man, lifting him a whole 5 places to 100th overall in the FPL rankings. Yet again both managers had RVP(C) and Walcott, and Evs had Suarez and Davies to RM’s Berbatov and Glen Johnson.

Next week’s matches are Reina Man v Lateriser and TW v Evs. It is hard not to predict two away wins here with the form they are in at the moment

Group D

Valencia (Old School) 70 beat Brest (Shipstontrev) 42

Old School moved up to 545th in FPL with this easy win over a hapless Shipstontrev. Drinky’s transfer of Santi Cazorla to Bale proved a great one, and having Baines made a significant difference as well, as both players had RVP(C), Mata, Walcott and Michu. Shipstontrev also made the error of benching Davies, and the points difference is not looking good for him going ino next week.

Hannover (Canadian Football) 60 beat PSV (Funkyav) 53

CF moved into the top 900 overall as he narrowly beat Funkyav. Here RVP(C), Mata and Michu appeared for both players, and while CF had Walcott and Zabaleta, Funkyav had Bale and Davies as counterweights. One interesting differential paying off for CF was West Ham’s Kevin Nolan who suddenly found his scoring boots after a long drought.

Next week’s matches see Funkyav at home to Old School and Shipstontrev at home to Canadian Football. Funkyav has activiated his Winter Wildcard to must feel he can achieve success this week, but it looks like all downhill from here for Shipstontrev.

3 thoughts on “Champions League GW1 Review Groups A-D by Shipstontrev

  1. Great write up as always Ships. Good luck to Reinaman, and Mr.ENR, i hope you are noticing competition.

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