Europa Group E: Mystic Björk’s Matchday 2 Visions by Roscola

 brrr-oooo-eee-up aaah-ya-leee-ooo-ih 
Welcome to Mystic Björk’s Group E, Matchday 2 Visions 
Last matchday, I predicted wins for KR Reykjavik and Fiorentina. I don’t think there can be any doubt now over my precognitive abilities. Be afraid, mortals. And not just because I might release another self-indulgent fart of a concept album.
On to my predictions for this week

Norwich (Light Knight) Vs KR Reykjavik (Roscola)

As with any matchup involving the wonderfully unique Norwich, it’s easier to list the players they share than the players they differ on. However the Light Knight will surely be activating his wildcard this week so all bets are off. Presumably he’ll be keeping hold of Lord Leighton of Baines, who is a clear threat to anyone and could win any gameweek on his own. Whether he’ll stick with the rest of the Power Back Five is for him to know and us to find out.
What’s clear is that my wonderful Reykjavik are reasonably well set up for this week, provided Ba plays against Newcastle and they can sign an adequate replacement for the loser Gibbs. However, they will struggle to overcome the twin advantages of home fixture and wildcard.
Mystic Björk’s Vision: A bittersweet loss for my beautiful home city of Reykjavik
Panathinaikos (Acquafresca) Vs Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne)
With Winter Wildcards now deployed we can make some informed mystical predictions about this matchup.
It’s hard to directly compare 3-5-2 teams against 3-4-3 teams but the key battlegrounds here appear to be:
  • Gibbs replacement Vs Baines
  • Harte Vs Clichy
  • Walcott Vs Suarez
  • Podolski Vs Anichebe
Any fool could tell you that on paper, Fiorentina look like runaway victors of that list. But if Arsenal can find their goal-scoring feet against struggling Stoke then it could be closer than it looks.
Mystic Björk’s Vision: I see a narrow victory for Fiorentina here. Very narrow.

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