Premier League Exclusive – January Awards

Welcome to the inaugural monthly exclusive of FFS Premier League Awards! As part of this monthly regular, the FA barclaysCouncil will be giving away two awards – Manager of the Month and the Player of the Month. Being the best league in the world, this is an added motivation for the managers and players to get accreditation for their heroics.

Manager of the month will go to the manager who has earned the highest number of PL points over the month. The tie breakers will be decided by the number of victories secured and number of FPL points scored over the course of the month. The player of the month will simply be awarded to the player-manager who has the highest number of FPL points secured over the month, whilst the tie breakers by the number of FPL transfers over the course of the month (fewer, the better).
And…now, it’s time to present our first set of awards for the month of January 2013.

Manager of the Month – The Giggs Boson (Wigan)

W (sto), W (SUN), W (ful), L (MUN), W (avl)
Having won 4 out of his 5 league games, GB (as he is famously called on FFS) sits pretty at the top of the league table. The manager set out this season with an objective to avoid relegation and it seems he was underestimating his players’ capabilities. GB admitted after receiving the award that he was rather fortunate to make his way to the top of the league, after pulling together a few close wins. “I consider myself fortunate to have won such a prestigious award. This will be a big leap of motivation for myself and my players going ahead.” Commenting on his biggest victory, he said “The win against the defending champion, Epic Fail, at Villa Park was HUUUUUUGE. It provided the perfect morale booster for the team and showed us that sky is the limit. Epic Fail’s arrogance and complacency spurred me on definitely. Moreover, ever since I appointed Kolarov has my assistant coach, he has worked wonders with my players. Big credit to him.” Has Giggs Boson peaked too early or could he build his team from strength to strength to challenge for the EPL crown? Only time will tell.

Player of the Month – AK Ain’t Got A Kalou (Man City)

One can safely say that this player’s name is rather misleading. Could there be a better way to rejuvenate Man City’s season 71e13f7ccd6b7b4348b22052a0a4c040after the sacking of Happy Ankit in season 1? AK has had a rather successful month after scoring a massive 394 points in his debut FFS Premier League season and climbed from 395k to 66k in a month. After winning the award, AK spoke to Geoff Shreeves. “I am delighted to be winning this award, especially in my debut season. As much as I did so well in FPL, I was disappointed that Man City are still in 7th place. Now, this award means that I have something to be happy about.” When asked about his formula for success, he said “Roberto Newman-cini. The man was a legend when he led the club. I read his book on ‘Laws of rotation’ and ‘Winning the league with Balotelli’ and now I even have his posters in the changing rooms, training ground and my bedroom.” Will AK continue to smell the scent of success and follow Newman-cini’s steps to the FFS Hall of Fame? Only money will tell.

Congratulations to the winners of this month’s awards. To the managers of the most prestigious league in the world – best of luck!


15 thoughts on “Premier League Exclusive – January Awards

  1. Blimey, after such a shit gameweek this is most welcome. Thank you very much! Hopefully i can do the unthinkable and guide Wigan to the Premier League title 🙂

  2. Wow, this is awesome. 😀

  3. Well, ENR’s article is a genuinely pleasant surprise. 😛

  4. This is very well written must say. Congratulations to GB and AK. Well done.

  5. Brilliant write up. Well done to everyone, except GB. 😉

  6. A great article and well done to the very likeable GB 😦

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