Champions League – Matchday 1 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Bayern Munich (Zep) 71 beat Aston Villa (Epic Fail) 39

Epic Fail lived up to his name this week, notching up his worst gameweek of the season. While both managers had RVP(c), Podolski, Mata, Walcott, Fellaini, Begovic and Gibbs, it was ultimately the differentials of Zep, who produced the goods. Baines, Bale and Davies all produced and along with home ground advantage, proved decisive for Zep. Epic Fail had Demel, Rafael and Joe Cole instead.

Bologna (Frazek) 66 beat Evian (King Eric) 59

Despite doing very well in recent weeks, King Eric hasn’t had much luck in H2Hs of late. This trend has continued in this fixture. He came into this match having lost all four of his H2Hs in season 2 of Ligue 1. Two vastly different teams faced off in this matchup. The managers had a mere 4 players common to both; RVP(c), Michu, Walcott and Cameron. Ultimately it was the timely explosion of Leighton Baines, which saw Frazek to victory in this one.

Next week’s matches are King Eric vs Zep and Epic Fail vs Frazek. Both of the favourites for this group, King Eric and Epic Fail will be looking to bounce back from their Matchday 1 losses in front of their own fans.

Group F

SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis) 67 beat Mallorca (Emperikal) 44

Another matchup decided by Leighton Baines. Often the Kryptonite to many a manager, this was the case for Empirikal. Owning him from GW5-12 during a period of relative quiet and missing out on his explosion in recent weeks, while Valar Morghulis’ decision to bring him in on his WC this week proved inspired as it lead him to a 13 point away victory to get his Champions League campaign off to a flyer.

Troyes (Kaz) 60 beat Southampton (1966 – Eric was born) 59

The closest matchup of Matchday 1 of the Champions League saw Kaz overcome the 4-point home advantage of 1966 – Eric was born to prevail by a solitary point. Kaz’s WC payed off as his decision to draft in Bale, Mignolet, Davies and Zabaleta brought home the bacon this week. He may well be ruing his decision to ditch Giroud, however. 1966 – Eric was born will surely be cursing Rafa Benitez this week, as had Ba started, as opposed to playing 1 minute, he would’ve surely scored enough to lead his team to victory.

Next week’s matches are Kaz vs Empirikal and Valar Morghulis vs 1966 – Eric was born. Both of the winners from last week play at home this week and will be looking to establish a gap at the top of the group standings, while the two away sides will be looking to bounce back from defeat.

 Group G

 Chelsea (El Nino Rules) 65 beat AS Roma (Udit) 47

El Nino Rules’ brave strategy of going without Robin van Persie continues, and his decision to bring in Rooney instead on the WC proved a masterstroke following his brace. This along with Mignolet and Zabaleta at the back proved the difference as Chelsea recorded an away win in Matchday 1. However, as this season suggests, Chelsea have a habit of throwing away leads at home, but ENR is back in his comfort zone in the Champions League.

Rubin Kazan (Le Gooner) 53 beat TSG Hoffenheim (Eoin) 43

A low scoring affair in this matchup as the only player on either side to score double figures was Le Gooner’s Mata. Both captained the disappointing van Persie, while only receiving CSs from Davies. Le Gooner takes the 3 points from this matchup, while Eoin is left to lick his wounds.

Next week’s matches are Eoin vs Udit and ENR vs Le Gooner. As the two winners face off this week, we could see a gap established at the top of the group and ENR will be looking to utilise the home advantage to secure top spot. The two losers from Matchday 1 also play each other; one manager could find themselves anchored to the bottom of the group.

Group H

Borussia Monchengladbach (Ginkapo) 50 beat Real Betis (Berbilly Gilmore) 46

Both managers shared Bale, Walcott, Lampard and Ba in attack, with Ginkapo having Fletcher, Aguero(c) and Silva to my Suarez, RVP(c) and Michu gave me the edge but my truly inspired decision to play Joey O’Brien was enough to see Ginkapo’s Zabaleta and Evra overcome with slim advantage up top to win on home advantage alone.

Lazio (Forca Inter) 67 beat Benfica (Aatish) 56

The clash of the two favourites of this group saw Forca prevail over Aatish. Up to 88th in the world, and not afraid to tell us, Forca put together another good week as he overcame Aatish’s Baines by picking Mignolet, Zabaleta and Davies in defence. With both managers having RVP(c), Mata Walcott and Michu, it was Forca’s Bale, Sturridge and Silva, which could not be overcome by Aatish’s Fellaini, Fletcher and Ruiz as all three disappointed this week.

Next week’s matches are Aatish vs Ginkapo and Berbilly Gilmore vs Forca Inter. Both Aatish and myself will be looking to bounce back with home advantage on our side as a loss for either of us would leave us a huge task to qualify for the knockout stages.


3 thoughts on “Champions League – Matchday 1 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, you have indeed entered Salma time. Good luck to all this week (esp my fellow opponents, you’ll need it) 😉

    PS – Enjoyed reading this article, Berbilly!

    • Just my bloody luck! Have a good gameweek ENR, just not better than mine 😉

      “Up to 88th in the world, and not afraid to tell us” – Brilliant stuff Billy.

  2. Great work Berbilly!

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