UEFA Council announce new signing

Hello squires,

After thorough paperwork checks it has been confirmed that my signing went through just in time to beat the midnight deadline on January the 31st. I had initially failed my medical due to “excessively high levels of domino’s pizza in the body” but on appeal it was accepted that this was indeed essential ppi fuel.

The deal is a loan deal with the possibility of a permanent transfer at the end of it. It’s not quite David Beckham but I will be donating all my wages to the local Domino’s Pizza.

Thank you for all your support,

tally ho,

the bap chap.


23 thoughts on “UEFA Council announce new signing

  1. And….the mystery continues.

  2. Welcome, Chap. Great signing for the council.

  3. Oh this is cool. Thanks for your continued work Chap!

  4. The plot thickens…

  5. I expect bonus point predictions before the matches have been played 😛

  6. Are you Peter Odemwingie, as you have some time on your hands? 😉

  7. I predicted this. What a good signing 🙂

  8. This is wonderful.

    bap chap 3 bap fairy 2 bap banana 1 (in the mix Daniel)

  9. Great signing. Yo b(AB) chap, whenever you can, maybe help correct the ppi we are trying to master. I mean it would be great if the community could know things like the entries are made from the BBC text feed and stuff like http://www.fantasyfootballscout.co.uk/2012/09/25/vidic-blow-for-united/comment-page-3/#comment-3986182.

    Anyhow, i’ve been trying to get through to you. Snoddy was the crosses.
    Also, Bale, FPL mentions 7 shots as a contributing factor.

    West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur

    Gareth Bale was awarded the maximum bonus points (BP) as Tottenham extended their unbeaten run to nine. The Welshman grabbed the match-winner at the Hawthorns and also registered 7 shots on target, 4 successful dribbles and 6 crosses – he has now received 27 BP this term. Hugo Lloris earned a couple of BP after producing 6 saves (including caught crosses), while Tottenham full-backs Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Kyle Walker both picked up single BP. The former produced a successful tackle, a couple of interceptions, 6 crosses and a block, while Walker had an assist and 3 crosses amongst his EA SPORTS PPI stats.


    So what do we learn?

    • Oh 7 shots on target are mentioned . So obviously, blocked shots are considered as shots on target.

    • I dunno about the rest of you, but I would love to see an unofficial value chart for calculating PPI. For example:

      Goal: 12 PPI
      Shot off target: -6 PPI
      Shot on target: 3 PPI
      Successful tackle: 1 PPI
      Save: 1 PPI

      ** obviously not real values, but something along the lines

      Just to make it interesting and create some new sort of statistical data, like players who scored most PPI in terms of defending, or play-making, etc (I know this can be done on the members tool of FFS, but just as an alternative to the numerical, amount of passes/ tackles and such).

  10. Guys, what do you doin’ there, i can’t understand! there is no “about page”!!!

  11. UCL Group A GW26 Preview (“The Group of Death”)

    Going into the qualification group two weeks ago it was being billed in some quarters as the archetypal “Group of Death” with all four teams highly ranked in overall FPL standings. The first two weeks has done little to dispel this with each team picking up a win and a loss, sitting on 3 points a piece going into GW26 (the Liverpool / Swansea DGW!). Who will seize the advantage this week?

    Stade Rennes (Sarnab) vs Hamburg SV (Herr Vetts)

    Sarnab is the relative newcomer in the Group, with just two previous seasons in FPL (108k and 27k last season), however he has kicked on this season and went into the Group stage in a strong position. Sarnab peaked in GW21 at 525 but has slipped slightly to 2,293 going into this week.

    Looking at this week’s fixture the two line ups are very similar, the only differentials being:

    Sarnab: Mignolet (RDG), Zabaletta (sot), Michu (QPR/LIV)…+4 pts home advantage

    Vets: Begovic (RDG), Clichy (sot), Bale (NEW)…-4 points hit

    With Sarnab’s home advantage coupled with Vets’ 4 point transfer hit, this is going to need something special from Bale to give Herr Vets a win.

    Verdict: Home win

    FPL veteran Herr Vets seemed to “click last” year, finishing 6787 overall after several solid but unspectacular seasons in the game. Vets had an “up and down” start to this campaign but is very much the form team in the Group right now, having risen phoenix-like from 51k to a current rank of 4k in just 7 weeks.

    Atalanta (MJ6987) vs Liverpool (Optimus)

    I have had three previous seasons in FPL, finishing a respectable 15k in my first campaign and then 434 followed by 9,076 last year. After a good start to the season I have been treading water since GW9 hovering largely around the 2-3k mark since then, currently sitting at 2,714.

    Optimus, like myself, has three seasons under his belt, finishing 61k in his debut season followed by 13k and 1,536 last time out. Optimus had a reasonable start to 2012/13 but has been motoring since GW7, peaking at 957 last week before falling back marginally to 1,257 making him the highest ranked team in the Group right now.

    This fixture is looking much more open with quite a few key differences in the two line-ups. For example, I have Suarez captain who doesn’t feature in Optimus’ side whereas, although I have Sturridge, Optimus has brought him in and captained him. So, where is this one going to be won and lost…

    Me: Begovic (RDG), Zabaletta (sot), Azpi (WIG), Bale (NEW), Suarez x 2 (WBA/SWA)…+4 pts hoe advantage

    Optimus: Jaask (AVL), Johnson (WBA/SWA), Evra (EVE), Silva (sot), Lambert (MCI), Sturridge…- 4 points hit

    The key battles fields seem to be how well Suarez vs Sturridge do, Bale vs Silva and whether Liverpool can reward Reds’ fan Optimus with a couple of clean sheets.

    This one is difficult to call but I am hoping that my 8 points start will be enough!

    Verdict: Home win (but could go either way)

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