EUROPA League Group B, GWs 24 and 25 reviewed

Group B

1st – Athletic Bilbao (The Parmtree) PL2, W2, D0, L0, F118, A107, GD11, Pts6

A great start for Parmtree. A opening day win over JK was won in a crazy 30 second spell. With JK seemingly on for a miracle as Bale drew a blank, Turner sat on a Clean Sheet and Rafael sat on the United bench, allowing Davies to come in, everything suddenly changed. Rafael came off the bench for a cameo and proceeded to get booked, taking 6 points away, whilst Bale’s goal saw an 11 point swing for Parmtree, which, coupled with his home advantage, saw him home. The difference was just 5 points, but with Parmtree’s 4 point home advantage, it just wasn’t to be for JK. Parm took the tie 60-51

More impressive was Parmtree’s victory in Matchday 2, as he overturned a 4 point disadvantage to Super Zlatan to emerge victorious 58-56. Zlatan’s decision to take a 4 point hit, and thereby give up his 4 point advantage proved crucial here. Both men came in very similar teams, led by RvP © with the same midfield 4 of Mata, Walcott, Michu and Bale and both had Fletcher, with Clichy and Zabaleta claiming a point each. The crucial difference here was 2 players. Zlatan’s Harte and Suarez combination claimed 9 points, Parm’s Aguero and Pearce claimed 11, giving Parm his 2 point victory.

2nd – ParisSt. Germain (Super Zlatan) P2, W1, D0, L1 F110, A99, GD11, Pts3

Zlatan started like a train as he overturned a 4 point deficit to easily defeat China Mag 54-41 in Matchday 1, with the 14 points delivered by Juan Mata proving very decisive. We have already documented Zlatan’s match with Parmtree. This leaves Zlatan heading into DGW for the first Head to Head battle with JK for one Mila Kunis.

3rd – Newcastle United (China Mag) P2, W1, D0, L1, F119, A118, GD1 Pts3

It was the opposite for China Mag, after a disastrous opening match, China Mag came storming back in Matchday 2 to overturn JK’s 4 point advantage to claim a 64-78 victory. Ownership of Sturridge and Bale proved crucial, but the decisive factor was the decision to captain a Belgian Scouser with big hair, and his 30 point haul saw China Mag emerge victorious. He now take on Parmtree in back to back head to heads

4th Maccabi Tel-Aviv (JK)  P2, W0, D0, L2 F115, A138, GD-23, Pts0

JK has picked up where he left off, with defeats. Both his results have been documented, but it’s worth noting Jk’s impact on his own downfall with a 16 point benching on Bunn and Turner in Matchday 2, as well as the decision to take Rafael over Jonny Evans, due to the injury of the latter, a decision that ended up costing JK 11 points. He has scored almost as many points as China Mag and Parmtree, and more than Zlatan, but has faced 2 opponents who have had storming weeks each time. JK will hope for a change of luck ahead of matchday 3.



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