EUROPA League Group D review Matchdays 1 & 2

1st Palermo (Mark) P2, W1, D1, L0, F129, A102, GD27, Pts4

The FFS Supremo can truly claim to be the master of all he surveys as he sits atop Group D after the first 2 rounds. GW1 saw a truly clash of the titans as Mark went head to head with Granville. But, in truth this turned out to be something of a damp squib as Mark romped to a 58-31 victory. His faith in Leighton Baines was finally rewarded as the Everton defender provided him with a 17 point haul and Juan Mata weighed in with 14. His Matchday 2 battle with Chris_White was truly epic as the two sides slugged out a 71 all draw. The home advantage for the Sevilla manager proved to be his saviour here. 2 virtually identical teams went to battle as Sevilla’s ‘Power 5’ plus Ba and Federici just held of Mark’s Podolski, Ba and Szczesny to claim what could prove to be a valuable point.

2nd Sevilla (Chris_White) P2, W1, D1, L0, F137, A113, GD24, Pts4

Sevilla have had a storming start to this Europa season. Matchday 1 saw them ease to a 66-42 victory over Feyenoord. We already know we have a Power Fiver, but Sevilla were aided further by Mr. L. Baines as well and despite the four point home advantage Feyenoord simply had no answer to such power. We have already seen what happened in Matchday 2

3rd West Ham (Granville) P2 W1, D0, L1 F100, A116, GD-16, Pts3

It has not exactly been a great season. More injuries than Kieron Dyer and Darren Anderton put together (if you require it, a full catalogue is available on request from the man himself) and then a humiliating defeat to Mark in Matchday 1 has summed up Granville’s season so far. But is a change of fortune afoot? OK, the Gameweek was marred by yet another injury, but Granville was handed a stroke of luck as Russell Martin’s unexpected Clean Sheet was ushered into his team as Guy Demel disappeared from West Ham’s squad without a trace (rumours have since emerged that a well known FFSer and Hammer’s fan currently has him locked in a basement) This, coupled with his four point advantage helped him to a much needed victory over Feyenoord with a near 30 point haul from Aguero, Gerrard and Fellain topping Feyenoord’s Podolski and Bale.

4th Feyenoord (Cabaye4) P2, W0, D0, L2 F100, A135, GD-35, Pts0

It can surely only get better for Feyenoord, but can it get much worse? Well, actually yes it could. After such an awful start, Feyenoord now face back to back Head to Head’s with Palermo that will make or break their whole campaign.

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