Presser Awards – Round 1

The presser committee is proud to announce that we will be giving out awards to acknowledge some of the best pressers out there! If your presser does not win an award, keep trying as there will be another set of awards given out in a week or two. After the completion of the group stages, an overall winner(s) will be selected and they will receive automatic entry into the Europa League next time around and will also be in consideration for a spot in the next year’s Champions League.

We have received numerous great pressers so far, but if you want that spot you’re gonna have to make it good. So without further ado, the winners of this instalment of the awards are:

The overall winner and runner-up for this instalment are:

1st overall – Sporting

2nd overall – 4vets


The winners from the Champions League are as follows. Please remember to post CL pressers here.

1st CL – 4vets

2nd CL – Berbilly

3rd CL – ENR

Honorable mention- Ginkapo


The winners from the Europa League are as follows. Please remember to post Europa pressers here.

1st Europa – Doosra

2nd Europa – JK

3rd Europa – Tie between Roscola and TM245


7 thoughts on “Presser Awards – Round 1

  1. Monthly winner to Europa, Overall winner to CL?

  2. Congratulations to the winners. Top stuff.

  3. Group H represent

  4. I would like to dedicate this award to the one and only…Rukawa.

    Salma, I’ve given you the CL trophy. Stop being greedy now!

  5. Hah. Wasn’t expecting this. It was only a bit of fun. Thanks to all those who took the time to vote.

    Still it’s always nice to be recognised by your peers. So, until that happens, you guys will have to do.

    Presser II is coming soon.

  6. Keep it coming, folks.

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