Group E, Matchday 2 Report by Roscola

Norwich (Light Knight) 43 – 51 KR Reykjavik (roscola)
Both teams suffered poor scores this week and were lucky not to come up against the others. Light Knight stuck with his avant garde Big Back Five approach with new signing Nacho bringing home the bacon. Unfortunately for him, Zabaleta and GJ both missed the mark. The price of the Big Back Five is of course, a weaker forward line and this proved to be his undoing, with only Gerrard finding the net. Reykjavik’s patron saint Björk approves hugely of Light Knight’s wildly differential approach but even she can’t see the wisdom of captaining Cisse against Chelsea and that was the final nail in Norwich’s coffin. The last twist of fortune’s alliterative dagger was in benching the Belgian Beast’s brace  – had Light Knight played Benteke, he would have won the tie on home advantage. It was not to be though. Reykjavik’s dull-as-ditchwater quartet of Bale, Mata, Walcott and RVP carried them over the finish line with a nice little extra from the only maverick pick in the side – mackem defender O’Shea.
KR Reykjavik are now sitting as pretty as Björk herself atop the group E table while Norwich lick their wounds with nil points.
Panathanaikos (Acquafresca) 88 – 67 Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne)
The first battle of the big hitters in the group and Fiorentina can feel rightly aggrieved that a very decent gameweek score, second highest of group E wasn’t enough to take the points. Acquafresca continued his frankly astonishing rise up the ranks – 500K to 4K in 10 weeks can only be ascribed to sorcery. Even RoysCallerAnne’s wildcard couldn’t contain that tidal wave of success. Even so, he put up a great fight and the matchup was largely decided by the battle of the budget defence: Bunn’s penalty save and Harte’s assist told the tale here. Fiorentina’s inspired signing of Anichebe paid off handsomely, with a glorious 11 point haul but it wasn’t enough.
A first win for Panathanaikos sees them second in the group on goal difference with Fiorentina also on 3 points in third.

One thought on “Group E, Matchday 2 Report by Roscola

  1. Well done Roscola. Your write-ups have been excellent!

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