Champions League – Matchday 2 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Bayern Munich (Zep) 72 beat Evian (King Eric) 50 

Zep continued his unbeaten start to his CL campaign as he comfortably saw off King Eric’s side, despite playing away from home. While both managers had Bale, Mata, Walcott and Michu in midfield, it was the ‘Power 5’ *shudders* of Zep which gave him an immeasurable edge as Fellaini’s brace was his highest scoring player. King Eric on the other hand forgot to use his January Wildcard and made no changes to his side as a total of five of his players didn’t play in GW25; Tevez, Berbatov, Sterling, Gunter and Cuellar. Being restricted to 9 men clearly limited the output of King Eric’s side.

Aston Villa (Epic Fail) 68 beat Bologna (Frazek) 61

Epic Fail bounced back from his Matchday 1 loss to Zep, pulling off a narrow victory over Frazek. Due to the injury to Remy on Friday, Frazek was forced to lineup 4-4-2 with Rangel coming off his bench for a whole 2 points. Both managers had Walcott, Fellaini and Michu in midfield, with the only differences being Frazek’s Lampard to Epic Fail’s Mata, while Frazek took the brave step of captaining Walcott over RVP. Both managers had Manchester United defenders as their only source of clean sheet points. The major difference in this tie was Epic Fail’s strikers; RVP(c), Podolski and Lambert all producing the goods to overwhelm Frazek’s side. Frazek’s biggest regret will likely be the benching of Bunn this week, which inevitably lost him this matchup.

Zep is the early frontrunner in this group sitting pretty on 6 points after the first two matches. Epic Fail and Frazek are both on 3 points, but Epic Fail sits in 2nd place due to winning their matchup this week. King Eric will need to up his game as he’s propping up the table without a point to his name. This week’s matches are Evian vs Aston Villa and Bologna vs Bayern Munich.


Group F 

Mallorca (Emperikal) 76 beat Troyes (Kaz) 68

Triple Everton for Emperikal, in the form of Baines, Fellaini and Anichebe, payed off handsomely after the 3-3 thriller against Villa at Goodison, as they produced 30 points between them. De Gea also produced a clean sheet for Emprikal, while Kaz’s Mertesacker also kept a clean sheet. In attack there were only two differentials, with Emperikal’s Anichebe and Suarez outgunning Kaz’s Michu and Fletcher. Both managers had RVP(c), Bale, Mata, Walcott and Fellaini in common in attack. Ultimately it was Emperikal’s acquisition of Anichebe which made him Victor(ious).

SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis) 57 beat Southampton (1966 – Eric was born) 45

Neither Valar Morghulis’ or 1966’s defence did anything of note this week scoring 7 and 6 points respectively. Both managers had RVP(c), Bale, Mata and Walcott who all produced returns this week. Valar Morgulis had Taarabt, Fletcher and Aguero to 1966’s Michu, Puncheon and Ba. Ba was limited to a mere 42 minutes after Coloccini’s kung fu left him with a broken nose. Aguero’s brilliant goal against Liverpool and the ensuing 3 bonus points combined with the home ground advantage meant ultimately Valar Morghulis’ men had too much for 1966’s and they were triumphant.

2 wins from 2 so far means Valar Morghulis is sitting atop of the group on 6 points. Emperikal and Kaz are both on 3 points, but due to Emperikal’s win over Kaz this week he occupies 2nd spot in the group. 1966 is stuck at the bottom of the table and will be desperate for a win this week to keep his hopes of progression alive. This week’s matches are Troyes vs SpVgg Greuther Furth and Southampton vs Mallorca

Group G

TSG Hoffenheim (Eoin) 69 beat AS Roma (Udit) 49

A pair of vastly different teams faced off in this matchup. Both managers had only RVP(c), Walcott and Harte in common, with vast differentials in their teams. Both managers’ defences performed adequately, as Eoin and Udit received clean sheets from Szczesney and Martin respectively. In attack it was Eoin’s Pienaar, Bale, Kebe, Snodgrass and Suarez against Udit’s Gerrard, Mata, Michu, Puncheon and Ba. Ultimately it was the double digit returns of Bale and Kebe, which proved decisive, and along with home advantage led Eoin to a comfortable 20 point win.

Chelsea (El Nino Rules) 94 beat Rubin Kazan (Le Gooner) 62

A monster score this week for ENR, as he recorded the 385th highest score in the world this week. RVP-less since GW18, this risk payed off big time this week as ENR’s strong lineup almost all delivered. Kebe, Fellaini, Bale and Aguero(c) all hit double figures for ENR, while only Silva out of his front 7 drew a blank this week. Le Gooner on the other hand, was much more reliant on his defence to boost his tally this week. Double Norwich, in the form of Bunn and Turner, as well as Harte meant Le Gooner’s back 4 compiled 26 points between them. Blanks from Michu, Santi and Suarez dented his chances, despite a hugely respectable score this week.

Back on his old stomping ground ENR is the only manager in this group who is undefeated, and sits on 6 points from 2 matches. Le Gooner and Eoin are both on 3 points, however, Le Gooner sits in 2nd due to his victory over Eoin in their Matchday 1 contest. Udit is bottom, yet to record a point in this group. This week’s matches are TSG Hoffenheim vs Chelsea and Rubin Kazan vs AS Roma.

Group H

Benfica (Aatish) 57 beat Borussia Monchengladbach (Ginkapo) 54

An incredibly different set of teams faced off in this one, as Aatish scraped over the line due to home ground advantage. There were only two players common to both managers’ teams; Fletcher and Walcott. Not much difference in defence in this one, as Ginkapo’s extra clean sheet was balanced by a Baines assist and Begovic save points. Unfortunately for Ginkapo, who captained Ba, his man didn’t even last until half time as he went off with a broken nose. Bale, Lampard, Silva and Aguero effectively balanced out Aatish’s Fellaini, Puncheon, Mata and Michu, which was enough to see Aatish claim victory in this one.

Real Betis (Berbilly Gilmore) 55 beat Lazio (Forca Inter) 52

Another match in this group decided by home ground advantage. Both managers had RVP(c), Sturridge, Bale, Mata, Walcott, Michu, Pearce and Mignolet in this very similar matchup. The only three differentials in this one were my Baines, Davies and Giroud against Forca’s Zabaleta, Rafael and Silva. Despite Forca’s differentials coming up trumps on mine, home ground advantage was enough to give me my first win of the Champions League.

All four managers are tied on 3 points apiece, with only GD separating the teams at this stage. Top of the standings currently is Forca with a GD of 8 points, Ginkapo is second with a GD of 1, I am third with a GD of -1 and Aatish is currently last with a GD of -11 points.


4 thoughts on “Champions League – Matchday 2 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

  1. Fantastic reviews Berbilly! Keep ’em coming ….

  2. Nice work Berbilly! Congrats on your win.

  3. Brilliant news Berb, all on 3, all to play for. 😀

    ps what was with the short email preview, I actually had to visit this site!

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