Europa Group E: Mystic Björk’s Matchday 3 Visions by Roscola

 brrr-oooo-eee-up aaah-ya-leee-ooo-ih 
Welcome to Mystic Björk’s Group E, Matchday 3 Visions 
Last week, Mystic Björk predicted wins for Norwich and Fiorentina. Let’s not dwell on that. With all wildcards safely dispatched, I can get on with my predictions from a level playing field.
First up, Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne) Vs KR Reykavik (roscola)
Fiorentina were unlucky last week to face the might of Panathanaikos and their unstoppable climb up the ranks. I wish I could say otherwise but my beautiful Reykjavik is much less stern a test.
Of course, this is a double gameweek and much will be decided – for this week – by the size of their DGW balls. Having slept with Reykjavik’s manager roscola last night, I am privy to some facts. Despite being throughly exhausted by the Herculean lover, I was able to pry some information out of him before I collapsed into the blissful insanity of my dreams. He has taken a hit to bring in Sturridge and Gerrard to partner Suarez and decided to risk going without Michu and his fading form. RoysCallerAnne, we can see, has taken 2 hits. With Suarez, Michu and Davies already in his team, he appears to have gone all in with a full complement of DGW-ers. For this week and this week only, that looks like being unbeatable, especially with so few differences between their teams otherwise.
Mystic Björk’s Vision: A double-battering for my beautiful home city of Reykjavik. But we’re vikings, we can take it.
Secondly, Norwich (Light Knight) Vs Panathanaikos (Acquafresca)
It’s tempting to say Panathanaikos are simply irresistible right now. 500K to 4K in 10 weeks is beyond a joke. Who can withstand that kind of form?
But let’s look deeper. Panathanaikos, starting with just Michu and Davies for the DGW has also taken 2 hits. That’s a 12 point lead for the home side, who already have Gerrard and Johnson. Add in that several of Norwich’s key assets have relatively good fixtures – Zabaleta (SOU), Monreal & Wilshere (sun), Vertonghen & Lennon (NEW) and they could put up a good fight.
Sadly, I don’t think it will be enough. Light Knight needs the standard DGW assets to be very quiet and that seems unlikely.
Mystic Björk’s Vision: Another win for Acquafresca’s unstoppable Panathanaikos.

3 thoughts on “Europa Group E: Mystic Björk’s Matchday 3 Visions by Roscola

  1. Haha…creative stuff, Ross.

  2. I haven’t been posting that much lately due to uni, but these write ups have been the one bright spot in my abysmal UEFA run of late. Keep up the top work mate. Throwing away a 12 point lead this GW is going to be embarrassing.

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