Champions League Groups A-D GW3 Review – Shipstontrev

RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 101 beat HAMBURG (4Vets) 84

What seems like a comfortable victory masks the fact that just 3 players made the difference in this tie, as both managers lined up with Suarez(C), RVP, Sturridge, Rafael, Walcott, Mata, Fellaini and Davies. Sarnab’s selection of Michu, Zabaleta and Mignolet, plus the 4 points for home advantage, gave him enough to prevail over 4Vets, who took a 4 point hit and had Bale, Begovic and Clichy in his team.

ATALANTA (MJ6987) 114 beat LIVERPOOL (Optimus) 80

MJ is top of Group A on points difference after this emphatic win. He chose Suarez as captain while Optimus went for Sturridge, and he also lined up with Bale, Sturridge, Azpilicueta and Zabaleta to go with home advantage, while Optimus took a 4 point hit and had Lambert, Silva, Johnson and Evra.

Next week’s matches see 4Vets at home to Sarnab and Optimus hosting MJ6987. Two home wins will see the Group Of Death living up to its name once again.

SOCHAUX (Chazza) 105 beat INTER MILAN (Isacki) 97

Another close game, with Chazza’s win due partly to the 4 points for home advantage and partly to Isacki not having a certain Dutchman in his squad. Both players had Suarez(C), Michu, Bale, Sturridge, Walcott and Mata, so the lack of Mr. Reliant cost Isacki the chance of victory here.

FC TWENTE (Jinswick) 107 beat DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA (Boomshakalaka) 105

Jinswick got a firm grip on Group B with this away win, overcoming both Boom’s 4 point home advantage and his own 4 point hit to  win by 2 points. With both managers having Suarez as capatin and six other players in common, the three stars of Jinswick’s show were Jose Enrique, Szczesny and the flair punt that was Norwich’s Michael Turner, who scored 8 points thanks to 2 BPs at home to Fulham. Jinswick has won 3 out of 3 leaving the other three to fight out the second qualifying place.

Next week’s games are Jinswick at home to Boom looking for a win that will guarantee a place in the next round, and Isacki hosting Chazza in what could be pivotal to deciding the second qualifier.

BARCELONA (TW) 102 beat VERONA (Reinaman) 86

An away win in Group C as well, with TW continuing his recent impressive form to post a comfortable win over his Serie A opponent despite taking a 4 point hit. TW took full advantage of the Liverpool DGW with Suarez(C), Jose Enrique and Sturridge all contributing useful points to go with those from Bale, RVP and Walcott. TW also got 5 points from Newcastle’s new arrival Sissoko. Reinaman had Sturridge (C) to go with Michu, RVP, Azpilicueta and Walcott, but could not really get close to TW despite home advantage.

SWANSEA (Evs) 118 beat NICE (Lateriser) 106

This eagerly awaited clash of the FPL Titans did not disappoint, with the two managers amassing 224 points between them. Evs Bunch Of Punts proved anything but, as he had 10 players scoring 6 points or more – hold your head in shame Ben Davies of Swansea! Both players had Suarez(C), Michu, Bale, RVP, Walcott and Glen Johnson, but Evs’s trio of Dzeko, De Gea and Sagna allowed him to get ahead of LR’s Mignolet, Mata and Demel. Evs is now up to 41st in the overall FPL rankings, with Lateriser only 6 places behind. At least they won’t be playing as a team the the Doubles Tournament, so the rest of us will have a chance!

Next week sees TW at home to Reinaman and LR has a chance for revenge at home to Evs in the Clash of the Titans Part 2.

PSV (Funkyav) 86 beat BREST (Shipstontrev) 75

Funkyav made home advantage count as he inflicted a third straight defeat on his hapless opponent. Both players had Michu, RVP, Walcott, Mata and Davies, with Funky going for Sturridge as captain against Shipstontrev’s Gerrard. The real killer blow was Funky’s choice of Bale over Trev’s Puncheon.

HANOVER (Canadian Football) 100 beat VALENCIA (Old School) 77

CF strengthened his position at the top of Group D, capitalising on a rare bad week from Old School. Both managers had Gerrard(C), Michu, RVP, Sturridge, Lambert and Walcott in their startig eleven, but CF also had 19 points from Jose Enrique to make the difference.

Next week sees CF at home to Shipstontrev needing a win to qualify, while Old School will seek to bring himself level on points with Funkyav as he welcomes him to Drinky Park.


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  1. well done as always!

    Drinky Park 😀

  2. Love reading your reviews. Great stuff.

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