FFS UEFA Live Draw for Knockouts

Ladies, gents and Rukawa,

FFS UEFA Council is proud to announce the return of the much-anticipated Live Draw.

The Live Draw will decide the clashes for the knock-out stages starting from GW30 (for Europa) and GW31 (for CL).

This is a rather unique opportunity to be able to witness your destiny’s path to glory. You will also have once-in-a-lifetime privilege to be in the same room as UEFA President, Michael Platini (and throw abuses him at him if you wish).

Do not miss this golden chance!

Date & Time:
14 March 2013 (Thursday), 1830-1930 HRS UK time (aka FFS time)

The countdown on the right will serve as a timely reminder

(Recommended: Timezone converter for your city – beware of daylight savings!!)

1830-1855 – Europa League Live Draw
1855-1900 – Peek-a-poop with Platini (aka Dessert break)
1900-1930 – Champions League Live Draw

Europa League Live Draw
Champions League Live Draw

It’s time to book your diaries, managers.

If you’ve got school, it’s time to think about falling sick or take your Mac to school for project work.

If you’ve got work, it’s time to consider working from home or book a private meeting room.

If you’re Mark, it’s time to find ways to distract lil Will.

If you’re Dr Doos, it’s time to withdraw your life’s savings and prepare some wine for us.

If you’ve got to sleep, it’s time to set this alarm.

If you’ve got to study for an exam, well….I know you won’t miss it.


13 thoughts on “FFS UEFA Live Draw for Knockouts

  1. This is brilliant! Calendar marked.

    Also, I’ve sent in The Council’s application to take over at UEFA and possibly FIFA as well.

  2. Ladies, gents and Rukawa 😀

    Fingers crossed I will be in this draw. 2 wins and 2 losses. Still buzzing from the narrowest of CL victories over Chazza who actually outscored me but home advantage saw me through by one point. I thought he’d got a draw when Demel subbed off with only 1 goal conceded. Then Dawson conceded his second…

    • Beast! Great story of the home adv coming into play…..

      • It’s fascinating because it makes the games a little more like real life. It also changes the dynamic of the clash if you know you’re 4 points behind – if you’re getting into it too much you may take more risks 😉

        My CL record so far is 2 home wins, 2 away losses. Fortress San Siro!

        I think it’s interesting enough to consider putting into the domestic leagues next year you know.

        • Tell ya what partner….the whole motivation of a cup originating last year was the home advantage. Wouldn’t have done the CL without it. 🙂

          The lads thought about it, even for this season. It’s just a lot of extra coding for Pratik! Unless there’s coder willing to help out, I doubt it could happen.

          • We also decided to do without home advantage for the leagues for a couple reasons.
            1) keeps it unique and interesting for the European competitions
            2) with two seasons per year you only play everyone one per season and with 19 games some people would get more home game than others. Basically to keep things fair
            3) if you think about it, an away game in Europe is typically much more difficult than an away game in the league

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  5. next season, i am on board 😉

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