Gameweek 27 Review for Europa Groups A, E, F & G by Roscola

Group A

Porkie‘s Dusseldorf finally lost a game – beaten 37-43 at home by MegatronX‘s Sampdoria. You’d have to say there was a measure of bad luck involved here for Porkie. Pog’s red card and the no-show of new signing Evans hurt him badly. Both teams failed to stick the boot in by captaining non-Bale players but the final damage was inflicted by Sampdoria’s inspired signing of Sissoko.
In the other matchup, Demi‘s Real Madrid got taken to the cleaners by Heco87‘s Toulouse 38-48. Both players wisely brought in Bale but again didn’t show enough faith to captain him, both opting for the loser Walcott. With both defences providing little and Kebe Vs Nolan the only midfield battle, the tie ultimately came down to Fletcher Vs Lambert. Rickiiiiiieeee!!
Dusseldorf are now 3 points clear at the top of the table, with Real Madrid and Sampdoria second and third on 6 points apiece, Toulouse now need to string some wins together to move off the bottom.
Group E
Acqua‘s Panathanaikos continued their stunning form, beating LightKnight‘s Norwich City 54-48. Lambert, Bale and RVP(C) helped him along but top story here was new signing Schneiderlin. Outrageous tekkers from Acqua. Meanwhile Norwich’s Monreal continued to bring the goods, and splendidly differential Wilshere and Cisse(C) helped him along too but flying Baleless is proving to be a differential too far for the LightKnight, who nonetheless scored second highest in the group this week.
roscola’s KR Reykjavik continues to ride Lady Luck roughshod over the form book, with another win helping him to hold on to the perch at the top of Group E. At 42-41, this was the very narrowest of victories over RoysCallerAnne, with the home advantage helping to nullify the ill-advised Demel > Evans. Both brought in Sissoko, both had Bale and both captained Walcott. The tie ultimately came down to single points differences here and there. Tight as a mozzie’s muff, that one.
KR Reykjavik and Panathanaikos stay top on 9 points, Fiorentina in third with 6 while Norwich need their differential approach to show a massive turnaround very soon, staring at the abyss as they are with zero.
Group F
Top of the table Goonerdhanesh‘s US Pescara beat bottom of the table Abhishek‘s FC Nordsjælland 47-38 to stay top of the group. Bringing in Bale was a no-brainer but picking Gouffran over the more popular Sissoko was brave and not entirely unrewarded with a nice little assist keeping Pescara’s score ticking over. There will be strong words in the boardroom over the benching of 12 point Silva, though they would have been stronger still if it had cost this tie. Thankfully for Goonerdhanesh, Lambert atoned for that sin and proved to be the main difference between the two. Nordsjælland also wisely brought in Bale but opted for Aguero. A shocking all-zero defence didn’t help their cause either.
In the other game of the group, Back to Ballacks‘ Fulham trounced Captain Shirokov‘s Limerick FC 50-35. With their defences matching eachother for mediocrity, and identical frontlines of RVP(C) and Pog (oh dear), it was left to a midfield scrap to decide the tie. Fulham’s wonderful new signings of Sissoko and Nani were far too strong for Limerick’s Mata and Fellaini.
Those victories see US Pescara and Fulham sitting pretty at the top of the table on 9 points, with Limerick FC and FC Nordsjælland languishing at the bottom with a single win apiece.
Group G
Count of Monte Hristo wants to thank his lucky stars that he captained Bale, the only player in his team to deliver more than 5 points to ensure that his Celtic beat TM245‘s FC Metalist Kharkiv, 53-47. Metalist meanwhile, failed to captain either of his double point scorers (Silva and Bale) and paid the price. Both Celtic and Metalist signed Benteke this week, a brave move considering his fixture at the Emirates and it proved fruitless. Metalist also brought in Walcott and captained him, again fruitless.
The other excitement of this group was a rare draw as Coldplay‘s AS Nancy Lorraine locked horns with Brian  Not the Messiah‘s VfB Stuttgart. The tie finished 37-37, all the more unusual since the teams were so very different, sharing only Walcott and RVP. You could spin this game as coming down to choice of keeper: if AS Nancy Lorraine had selected Cesar rather than Boruc, they would have won by 2 points; if Stuttgart had chosen Begovic instead of Federici, they would have won by just one. Not to be though, and both teams come away with a single point.
That could draw could prove decisive for the teams in question. With Celtic now clear at the top on 9 points, Stuttgart and Nancy Lorraine are both sitting in the middle of the table on 7 with Metalist bringing up the rear without a win.

4 thoughts on “Gameweek 27 Review for Europa Groups A, E, F & G by Roscola

  1. Bittersweet thanks for the write-up. Might focus energies on post-elimination Jesus meltdown presser now.

  2. Great write up. Well done Roscola.

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