Premier League Exclusive – February Awards

Welcome to the monthly exclusive of FFS Premier League Awards! As a reminder to all managers,


the FA Council will be giving away two awards – Manager of the Month and the Player of the Month. Being the best league in the world, this is an added motivation for the managers and players to get accreditation for their heroics.

It’s time to present our second set of awards, for the month of February 2013.

Manager of the Month – Evs (Swansea)

W (liv), W (QPR), W (whu)

Evs is the Premier League Manager of the Month. The manager set out this season with an objective to win the title, after ending up on third in his first PL season. He has completed a clean sweep of victories in the month of February, winning all three games. Not only this, he has actually accompanied this with the highest number of FPL points in the league. There have been leaps of praises for Evs managerial abilities, especially outside the UK. Managers from the deadzone region have acclaimed Evs as the “Sir Alex of Fantasy Football” and “Invincible! God!”.However, rival managers suggest this is a mere “licking the shoe” tactic employed by them to get some expert advice on their teams. This remarkable form has seen Evs’ Swans jump to his objective of 1st place at the end of February, from a respectable 4th position in January. After receiving his award, Evs did not seem too excited. All he had to comment was “I am glad that my team have finally deserved what we got. This is just the start of a remarkably successful campaign. My main motive of this campaign is to ensure all my opponents are well-placed in the Hall of Pain.” Can Evs continue to lead his troops to similar deadly and consistent performances in March or will his complacency become a stepping stone to his downfall? We’ll know soon…

Player of the Month – Back to Back Ballacks (Fulham)

B2BB is the Player of the Month in February, for amassing a mammoth total of 236 FPL points over 3 games.

To just signify the level of achievement, that’s about 79 points per gameweek. Unreal? Miracle? A Balesque performance. For a club of Fulham’s stature, who are looking at a mid-table spot, this is a huge encouragement.However, the club has now dropped from 2nd in January to 3rd in February. Such is the competition in the Premier League. Our best man for the occasion, Geoff Shreeves caught up with the player of the moment, B2BB. He spoke very emotionally “ I’m simply thrilled by the award. This award is so special to me, after 4 years of hard work. I would like to dedicate it to the FFS community, who have guided me through every obstacle.” On his formula to success, he said “I just needed some luck. And that came through my mentor, RonH. After 4 seasons, I have finally found someone who can play a devil’s advocate for my team. He is brilliant. Thank you Ronny! I’m so fortunate to have you and your expertise”

Congratulations to the winners of this month’s award winners. Two veterans after years of hard work and determination, have finally won the medals that their pearls of wisdom truly demand.


2 thoughts on “Premier League Exclusive – February Awards

  1. Funny. But thanks ENR :-). I, honoured.

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