Champions League – Matchday 3+4 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Evian (King Eric) vs Aston Villa (Epic Fail)

Evian 89 beat Aston Villa 87

Both managers had Michu, Mata, Walcott and RVP in this match-up. GJ and Rafael both produced for Epic Fail, while Szczesny delivered for King Eric. While Epic Fail had the edge in the defensive department, it was King Eric’s decision to go with Suarez(c) and Gerrard as his Liverpool coverage compared to Epic Fail’s Sturridge(c). The home advantage was just enough to see King Eric victorious in this match.

Aston Villa 56 beat Evian 21

King Eric failed to make any changes to his team from GW26 as he was restricted to just 7 players in this one. Zabaleta produced the goods for King Eric, but was easily outshone after Rafael’s thunderous strike gave Epic Fail 15 points. The key differentials in attack were Epic Fail’s Bale and Mata to King Eric’s nobody, as Epic Fail’s 11 men ran amok over King Eric’s 2-2-2 formation.

Bologna (Frazek) vs Bayern Munich (Zep)

Bologna 93 beat Bayern Munich 81

Both managers had GJ, Davies, Michu and Walcott. Frazek’s Bunn and Rangel both proved masterstrokes at the back as they harboured 16 points between them in this gameweek. Frazek also had Lampard over Mata, which also proved inspired. However, Zep’s Bale singlehandedly demolished Newcastle to return 15 points this week. Frazek could only offer Fellaini’s solitary point in comparison. With Gerrard(c), Zep has every right to be miffed, as his decision to hand the spot kick to his opponent’s captain, Sturridge, caused an 18 point turnaround and ultimately decided this match. Although Zep’s Pogrebnyak over Frazek’s RVP didn’t help much.

Bayern Munich 43 beat Bologna 32

In a week to forget, both managers had the only player to offer any real solace from this week, Bale. They both also had Baines, Harte, Walcott and RVP, although Frazek captained RVP while Zep captained Walcott. Zep’s real masterstroke was bringing in Sissoko as he continued his amazing start to life in the Premier League. Frazek had Puncheon instead who was unexpectedly dropped. With home ground advantage and the extra hit taken by Frazek, Zep had enough to defeat Frazek despite the showing of Pogrebnyak as Michu’s deputy.

Zep continued his run to remain in top spot of Group E, with 9 points so far. Epic Fail and Frazek are just behind on 6 points each, whereas King Eric is struggling with only 3 points so far. This week’s matches are Bayern Munich vs Evian and Bologna vs Aston Villa.


Group F

Troyes (Kaz) vs SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis)

Troyes 80 beat SpVgg Greuther Furth 69

Sturridge(c), RVP, Walcott, Mata, Cameron, Zabaleta and Davies were common to both teams in this very similar match-up. Valar’s Bale and Taarabt cancelled out Kaz’s Fellaini and Michu. Valar took a punt with Reina in goals but got a mere 3 points more than Kaz’s Mignolet, despite the extra fixture. Ultimately it was home ground advantage combined with Kaz’s Gerrard vs Valar’s Aguero, which gave Kaz the victory.

SpVgg Greuther Furth 45 beat Troyes 42

Very similar line-ups were sent out again this week. Federici, Zabaleta, Cameron, Bale, Mata, Walcott and RVP were in both squads. Kaz brought in the talismanic Rickie Lambert as he was once again at the forefront of Southampton’s attacking forays collecting 11 points. Aguero’s wasteful game against Chelsea left Valar disappointed again, but Pog’s red card was enough to see Valar take this tie on home ground advantage alone.


Southampton (1966 – Eric was born) vs Mallorca (Emperikal)

Southampton 103 beat Mallorca 98

Suarez(c), RVP, Mata, Walcott, Bale, GJ and Davies formed the backbone of these teams as a close fought match was won by 1966. Despite 17 points from de Gea and Azpilicueta, the lack of Michu with a punt on De Guzman was a key contributor to Emperikal’s loss in this match. Gerrard’s decision to hand over his spot kick to Sturridge was also crucial as had he taken it and scored, this match would’ve ended in a draw.

Southampton 42 beat Mallorca 40

1966 did the double over Emperikal after a narrow away win this week. A much changed match-up this week, as RVP, Walcott(c), Bale, Mata were the only players common to both teams. Neither defence did very well this week, with Emperikal only having 1 defender play as Evans, Azpilicueta and Pearce were all dropped or rotated. Berbatov’s brilliant volley was just enough to see 1966 overcome Sissoko and the home ground advantage of Emperikal.

Valar Morghulis is sitting top of the group with 9 points, with Kaz and 1966 not far behind with 6 points apiece. Emerikal is last with just 3 points so far. This week’s matches are Mallorca vs Troyes and Southampton vs SpVgg Greuther Furth.


Group G

TSG Hoffenheim (Eoin) vs Chelsea (ENR)

TSG Hoffenheim 95 beat Chelsea 61

A disastrous DGW for the defending champ, as ENR scored a miserly 61 points. Both keepers kept CSs, while GJ and Carragher got 7 points each to cancel each other out. Davies and Bale were the only common players in this very different match-up. ENR’s front 3 of Sturridge, Aguero and Rooney were far outclassed by Eoin’s Suarez(c), RVP and Benteke. ENR made up some of this ground in midfield with Gerrard(c), Fellaini and Mata outscoring Walcott, Snodgrass and Kebe. Michu was a notable absence from both line-ups.

Chelsea 62 beat TSG Hoffenheim 43

Once again ENR’s strike force was outshone by Eoin’s as he was outscored by 7. Defensive returns were minimal this week, with ENR’s Zabaleta the only player to keep a CS from either side. While both players had Sissoko and Bale this week, it was ENR’s decision to hand the Welshman the armband which proved instrumental in leading his side to a comfortable victory.


Rubin Kazan (Le Gooner) vs AS Roma (Udit)

Rubin Kazan 106 beat AS Roma 79

Udit didn’t make any changes to his team, and suffered due to the DGW as a result. Both managers had Martin, Walcott, Mata, Michu and RVP, although Udit captained RVP. The difference came in the Liverpool coverage for the DGW as Suarez(c), Sturridge and Agger outclassed Gerrard. Ba and Tevez not playing a part reduced Udit to 10 players as he was comprehensively beaten in this match.

AS Roma 33 beat Rubin Kazan 28

Udit once again made no changes to his line-up… Harte, Martin, Walcott, Mata, Puncheon and RVP lined up for both teams, with Udit giving RVP the armband. Tevez’s late cameo for City yielded Udit 6 points compared to Aguero’s 2 for Le Gooner. Le Gooner had one of the players of the week in Santi Cazorla but even his 15 points were not enough to overcome the hit and home ground advantage to Udit.

Defending champ ENR is still top of the group with 9 points so far. Le Gooner and Eoin are both on 6 points in 2nd and 3rd spots. Udit is bottom with just a single win so far. This week’s fixtures are AS Roma vs TSG Hoffenheim and Rubin Kazan vs Chelsea.


Group H

Benfica (Aatish) vs Real Betis (Berbilly Gilmore)

Real Betis 101 beat Benfica 84

Both managers had GJ, Davies, Michu, Mata, Walcott, Suarez, RVP and Sturridge in this match-up, but while Aatish captained Sturridge, I captained Suarez. My Mignolet, Onuoha and Bale were superior overall to his Begovic, Harte and Fellaini in this one, and combined with the extra 5 points from captaincy, led me to a comfortable away victory in this one.

Real Betis 40 beat Benfica 28

A much changes matchup in this one, as we shared only Walcott(c), Mata, Bale and RVP. While neither defence contributed much, I was restricted to 0 points from my entire defensive 5, as a combination of blanks and droppings limited me to 9 players. In attack, my Sissoko, Puncheon and Aguero were far superior to Aatish’s Fellaini and Pogrebnyak as he also fielded a reduced line-up. This combined with my home ground advantage gave me 2 comfortable victories over Aatish.


Lazio (Forca Inter) vs Borussia Monchengladbach (Ginkapo)

Lazio 102 beat Borussia Monchengladbach 85

There were five common players in this match as Zabaleta, Gerrard, Walcott, Bale and Sturridge(c) were present in both sides. While Ginkapo’s back 4 of Szczesny, GJ, Zabaleta and Evra combined for 24 points between them, the lack of Michu and RVP really hurt him. In attack Forca’s Michu, Mata and RVP outclassed Ginkapo’s Lampard, Aguero and Fletcher to lead him to a comfortable home victory.

Borussia Monchengladbach 41 beat Lazio 36

A horror week for both managers as they both fielded 9 men. Both had Zabaleta, Walcott(c) and Bale, who scored the majority of their points. A clean sheet for Ginkapo’s Evra, corresponding with a benching for Forca’s Evans along with the red card to Pogrebnyak handed victory to Ginkapo, despite him lacking his talismanic Serbian left back with the unfathomably good left boot.

A quick look at the standings shows me in top spot with 9 points accrued over the 4 matches so far. Forca and Ginkapo are in 2nd and 3rd spots respectively on 6 points, separated only by GD. Aatish is propping up the table on 3 points. This week’s fixtures are Borussia Monchengladbach vs Benfica and Lazio vs Real Betis.


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