Champions League – Matchday 5 Review – Groups E-H by Berbilly Gilmore

Group E

Evian (King Eric) 68 beat Bayern Munich (Zep) 64

The practically dead team that is King Eric’s pulled off another victory this week. Failing to make changes in four of the last five weeks his decision to leave the armband on Suarez ever since the DGW came up trumps this week. RVP, Mata, Michu, Walcott and Davies were common to both sides. Both managers captained players their opponent did not own; King Eric, Suarez and Zep, Bale. In the end, the additional 14 points King Eric gained from Suarez’s hat-trick over Bale’s goal was enough to overcome Zep’s home ground advantage and additional man.

Bologna (Frazek) 65 beat Aston Villa (Epic Fail) 64

Very little separated these teams in defence this week. Both received two clean sheets – Frazek from Evra and Davies, Epic Fail from his double Hammers defence, Demel and Collins. Into attack and both handed the armband to the rampaging Welshman, while also possessing RVP and Michu. None of Lampard, Sissoko or Puncheon performed as differentials for Frazek, however, Remy scored to cancel out the two differentials who performed for Epic Fail – Fellaini and Walcott. Frazek’s narrow win was quite fortunate, but the home fans were enough to see him through to victory.

The final round of fixtures in the Group Stages sees Aston Villa host Bayern Munich and Evian host Bologna.

Group F

Troyes (Kaz) 70 beat Mallorca (Emperikal) 60

Both managers had returns from 3 of their back four this week, as defensive returns were quite considerable in this match-up. Up in attack, Bale(c), Mata, Walcott and Lambert were in both squads. However, the presence of Fellaini in Kaz’s midfield was the key difference in this match, as his 12-point haul led Kaz to victory.

Southampton (1966 – Eric was Born) 74 beat SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis) 73

A very similar match-up in this one, reflected in the scoreline. Davies, Mata, Bale(c), Walcott, Puncheon and Suarez were in both managers’ squads. While Valar’s defence was vastly superior to 1966’s, the bad luck he experienced with injuries to Sturridge, Aguero and Taarabt and Cameron both being dropped to the bench limited his team to 10 players. So while Reina and Zabaleta produced this wasn’t enough to overcome the extra man and home advantage 1966 held over him. Had just one of those four played Valar would’ve won this match.

The final round of fixtures in the Group Stages sees SpVgg Greuther Furth host Mallorca and Troyes host Southampton.

Group G

TSG Hoffenheim (Eoin) 82 beat AS Roma (Udit) 57

Another practically dead team here with Udit’s. No transfers made in the last 3 weeks has seen his rank plummet. Udit’s team was vastly outclassed by Eoin’s this week as the lack of Suarez, Bale and Pienaar hurt Udit badly. Both had Demel in defence, but Eoin had Davies and Evans as well compared to Udit’s Martin and Harte. Both had Walcott in midfield, but Udit’s other three mids in the form of Gerrard, Michu and Mata scored 3 points each. This was surpassed comfortably by Eoin’s Pienaar, Bale(c) and Sissoko. The strikers were the only spot in which Udit outscored Eoin, despite not having Suarez. RVP(c), Tevez and Ba all producing the goods.

Chelsea (ENR) 71 beat Rubin Kazan (Le Gooner) 62

Due to injuries, ENR rolled out an unprecedented 5-4-1 this week, however with the same players out, Le Gooner rolled out a 4-5-1 to oppose ENR. Both managers had Davies, Harte, Mata and Bale, although ENR captained Mata and Le Gooner had Bale(vc) take the armband after his original captain, Aguero, played no part. ENR’s decision to go with Rooney over RVP, for the rest of the season, payed dividends this weekm as he outscored RVP by 9 points. Having Fellaini in midfield made up for the fact that Le Gooner captained, albeit fortuitously, Bale. With the extra CS in defence, ENR overcame the home ground advantage of Le Gooner to claim victory.

The final round of fixtures in the Group Stages sees Chelsea host AS Roma and TSG Hoffenheim host Rubin Kazan.

Group H

Benfica (Aatish) 74 beat Borussia Monchengladbach (Ginkapo) 73

Another in the Rooney over RVP group here in the form of Ginkapo. Only three common players in this match as GJ, Bale(c) and Walcott were in both teams. Ginkapo’s expensive backline delivered once again, besides Sir Chesny from his beloved Arsenal, as Tottenham obliterated them on the counter. However, Aatish achieved better results from his cheaper backline of Davies and Demel. In attack, Fellaini was the main protagonist for Aatish as his side clung on for a hard fought 1-point away victory to keep his chances of progression alive.

Real Betis (Berbilly Gilmore) 76 beat Lazio (Forca Inter) 56

A very similar match-up this with the result almost entirely down to the captain choice, with which I was admittedly fortunate. Mignolet, Clyne, Pearce, Davies, Walcott, Bale and Mata were all present in both squads. So, more common players than differentials. It eventually boiled down to Forca’s Zabaleta, Evans, Michu(c) and RVP versus my GJ, Sissoko, Puncheon and Suarez(c). As a result of Aguero not playing Suarez was given the armband which ultimately won me this match.

The final round of fixtures in the Group Stages sees Real Betis host Borussia Mochengladbach and Benfica host Lazio.

As this is the final week of the group stages, many of you will be wondering what your chances are of qualifying for the knockout stages. TW has done a permutations article, which can be found here.

Good luck to everyone involved in this tournament and I wish you all the best in qualifying for the knockout stages. Don’t forget about the Live Draw that ENR is hosting on March 14 at 19:00 UK time (FFS time) with the Europa League draw half an hour ealier. Further details can be found in the spreadsheets and here.


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  1. Sturridge didnt play so Aatish got Demel and I got Kebe. Sturridge screwed me

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