The Chap Predicts: Gameweek 29

Norfolk Yellows v South Coast Saints

Schneiderlin 3, Snodgrass 2, Cork 1 (in the mix Boruc, Shaw, Turner, Bassong) (low and tight)


London Hoops v North East Red & Whites

Townsend 3, Remy 2, Fletcher 1


Berkshire Blue & Whites v West Midlands Claret & Blue

Agbonlahor 3, Benteke 2, Guzan 1 (in the mix Weimann, Westwood)


West Midlands Navy & White stripes v The Welsh Hipsters

Lukaku 3, McAuley 2, Ridgewell 1 (in the mix Morrison) (have them all 1ppi apart so very tight)


North East Zebras v Staffordshire Hoofsters

Cisse 3, Cabaye 2, Debuchy 1 (2 and 1 could go either way)


Merseyside Reds v North London Whites

Vertonghen 3, Suarez 3, Downing 1 (in the mix Gerrard)


One thought on “The Chap Predicts: Gameweek 29

  1. C’mon Remy (c)

    Any chance of a few Bunn baps? 😉

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