Doubles Competition Update

As you all hopefully know, the doubles competition begins this week (gw 30). Therefore, I wanted to post a brief update so everyone knows where things stand.

Please view the list of registered doubles pairs to ensure that you and your partner have been registered. All those on this list have been sent an email (at the email you indicated when you filled out the form) by Lateriser, Berbilly, or myself with the league code and other important information. Please read the ENTIRE email as it contains important information, which you need to follow or you could be disqualified. If you are on this list but have not received an email, please comment below and we will help you to get it sorted out.

For those of you that are not registered, it is not too late! Click for the registration form and sign right up. You have until the deadline to do so and create your team. If you are still looking for a partner, leave your email address in the comments below and we will try to direct others also looking for a partner to contact you.

Please be sure to read the details about the competition. If you have any questions, leave feel free to ask them in the comments and we will do our best to answer them. Please remember that the account you use MUST be a new account and cannot be either of the two managers’ personal teams. Any teams created before gw 20 will be automatically disqualified.

Cheers and good luck to everyone!


38 thoughts on “Doubles Competition Update

  1. Any chance of resending me/corkyote the email?. Unsure which address was used to sign up, but mine is

    P.s. I don’t mind if anyone wants to subscribe me to dodgy porn sites.


  2. Anybody else having problems creating an account on FPL?? Or know another way it can be done? My understanding is you had to register a different email address from the one you currently use for your main FPL team, or are FPL just very very slow??

  3. Still looking for a partner like I mentioned in the other article 😉

    If anyone is interested shoot me an email – getatme at

  4. 89 pairs . bloody hell

  5. United Force are you out there? We could compete for the mighty Yugoslavia

    • it was already sent to you but i’ve resent it to each of you for convenience. if you still do not see it, please double check your junk mail. cheers!

  6. I signed up with Super-Balotelli, but didn’t receive/can’t find the email containing the code etc. Also, can I change my partner to Chrissy Waddle?

  7. Please can you send me the email….in partnerspip with Yossi…LMK if need addy to send to….

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