CL Groups A-D Matchday 6 Review by Shipstontrev

LIVERPOOL (Optimus) 48 beat HAMBURG (4Vets) 41

Optimus finished the Group Stage with an away win against 4vets to win the Group Of Death that was Group A. Just 7 points separated the two Liverpool fans, and Optimus’s choice of Suarez(C) proved the winning decision, as 4vets went with Benteke(C), and there was little else to choose between them, as they both had Bale and Sturridge.  4vets can rightly feel aggrieved to have come bottom of the Group, but at least he won two matches.

RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 54 beat Atalanta (MJ6987) 46

Just 8 points in this tie, with Sarnab maximising his home advantage with the choices of Suarez(C), Bale, Sissoko and flair pick Loic Remy. MJ had the first two of these as well, and also picked Benteke. However he was one of those victims of the Jason Puncheon yellow card in the one minute he played fiasco. Nevertheless it is MJ who qualifies for the CL Knockout stage, leaving Sarnab to go into the Europa League draw.

FC TWENTE (Jinswick) 58 beat INTERNAZIONALE (Isacki) 54

Another away win for Jinswick, despite taking a 4 point hit, in his domination of Group B. The key decision for him this week was Suarez(C) over Bale, when Isacki went the other way. Jinswick scored with 2 Norwich and 2 from Newcastle in Bunn, Turner, Sissoko and Marveaux, and although Isacki got good points from Benteke, he just didn’t have enough to win this week and as a result goes into the Europa League draw.

SOCHAUX (Chazza) 58 beat DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA (Boomshakalaka) 42

Chazza has gone from strength to strength in the Group Stage, and this win gave him the second qualifying place in Group B. He started with Suarez(C), Bale as  his top points scorers, then went with Sissoko, McAuley and Snodgrass. Boom had Bale(C), Benteke and Bunn, but 3 points from 4 defenders made victory impossible, and as result Boom finished bottom of the Group.

BARCELONA (TW) 62 beat NICE (Lateriser) 38

TW guaranteed himself a place in the Knockout Stage with a crushing victory here. Both managers had Benteke as captain, and both had Bale and Sissoko. However, this was as good as it got for Lateriser, as TW racked up the points through Suarez, Bunn, Marveaux and Jose Enrique to finish his campaign in good form. LR has the consolation of a Europa League place.

CHIEVO VERONA (Reinaman) 58 beat SWANSEA (Evs) 53

A famous victory for Reinaman over the Group C winner, but he still finished bottom of the group as Evs took it relatively easy for a week, although he is still 15th in the overall FPL rankings. Both players had Suarez(C), Bale and Bunn, but Reinaman’s selection of Benteke, coupled with home advantage gave him the win.

VALENCIA (Old School) 46 beat BREST (Shipstontrev) 38

6 defeats out of 6 have made Shipstontrev the Alexander Armstrong of Group D, as he finished the Group Stage pointless. OldSchool went to second in the Group with this away win. While both players had Bale(C), Old School had Suarez and Turner to overcome his rival’s Gerrard and Martin. Both players also suffered from Puncheongate.

HANNOVER 96 (Canadian Football) 51 beat PSA (Funkyav) 44

CF made sure of top spot in the Group with an away win over Funkyav. CF had Suarez(C), Bale, Martin and Jose Enrique as his better scorers, whilst Funky had Bunn, Hoilett and Debuchy to go with his Bale(C), but at least he has the Europa League to look forward to.



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