Live Draw’s almost here!


Mighty congratulations to those who made it through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League and Europa League. To those who didn’t make the cut, you’ve got to pat yourself for having come this far to represent the best of your league. It’s now time for you to support the clubs from your country.

Having said that, we’re inching towards the eagerly awaited Live Draw.

Michael Platini will be drawing the lots with seeded and unseeded teams in two different pots. You can now see the list of seeded and unseeded teams for Champions League and Europa League. A special feature of the evening would be the live commentary from our in-house journalist, Geoff Shreeves, which can be followed during the draw at the venue itself. Be prepared to be treated to a whole assortment of drinks, ranging from Sir Impressive Tackle’s Morgans to Dr Doosra’s Simpli-Special variety of teas.

Everyone is welcome. Qualified managers, non-qualified managers, non-managers, family, friends, your dog… get the idea. We will also have a Live Chat feature at the venue, which will allow you to discuss the Draw with everyone.

People…….ARE YOU READY?!?!

PS – If there are any teams would you like to face/avoid in the knock-out stages, feel free to comment below. You can then compare after the draw if good friend fate heard you and it panned out to your liking. Obviously, pray hard tonight you aren’t drawn up against the defending champion.


One thought on “Live Draw’s almost here!

  1. oh my god.. am back in this site after so many days.. and am stunned to be qualified for the next round in europa league.

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