FFS ICC Champions Trophy 2013 – Pilot


We’ve been privileged to organize several cups and leagues for the benefit of the FFS community. You’ve experienced a variety of football-themed competitions ranging from the Euro’s to the Champions/Europa League to the First Division Leagues.

Guess what, we’re at a special juncture here at FFS UEFA. For the first time in the history of Fantasy Football, we’re introducing an FPL-based head-to-head cup, themed on a cricket competition.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you – wait for it – FFS ICC Champions Trophy 2013, in partnership with FFS UEFA.

Who is it for?

All posters of the FFS community. The cricket lovers would take more interest to it, but it’s open to everyone.

Cricket? What the hell is going on? How does it work?

There are 8 teams in total. Each team has 15 players each. Like FPL, there are 11 playing squad members and 4 on the bench.

A team’s total in a particular gameweek is the sum of the 11 players FPL scores in that GW.

Then, two teams go head-to-head and the team with the higher runs scored wins the particular clash.

When does the tournament run?

The tournament runs from GW33 – GW38, according to the real Champions Trophy format

Where can I find more details on this tournament?

The tournament will be run on the linked spreadsheet. So be sure to bookmark the link and become familiar with its geography. On FFS UEFA, you will find this Cup under the “International” menu.

What’s unique about this tournament?

This game is aimed to bring out the “team” element to the fore, just like how it works in the real world. A team’s success isn’t dependent on one player alone after all.

As much as it’s a team game, leadership is so crucial. Each team will be led by a captain and a vice-captain, guided by a coach.

  • The coach is the know-it-all, who will answer any questions you may have during the course of the tournament. He will also have frequent strategic discussions with the captain. The coach is also the link of every team with FFS UEFA. They have been chosen by FFS UEFA for their valuable understanding of the game. The coach also submits his playing 11 every week prior to the squad submission deadline.
  • The captain is the face of the team. He is the one who scouts the players (including vice-captain) for his team. He has the ultimate power to pick his final squad – he may even decide to disallow the coach from playing in his squad. During the tourney, the captain also has the power to replace a team player with the consent of the coach. Also, in the case of a tie in a particular clash, the captain’s FPL score is the tie-breaker. The respective captains have already been picked by each of the 8 coaches.
  • The vice-captain will deputize for the captain in his absence and share his responsibility where apt. Every captain has either already or will be picking their vice-captains.

Live Scorecards by Pratik – Over the course of the gameweek, you will have the chance to view the live scorecards of each team (similar to Scorecast for the leagues). This is brought to you by the official scorer-cum-umpire-cum-player of FFS ICC, Pratik. More updates on this will follow.

Team Threads – Each team will also have a team thread on the FFS UEFA website. You can use this to tell us more about your  team’s make-up, make any press conferences, discuss your team strategies, taunt opponents, discuss your FPL moves. Basically anything with an objective to enliven the team spirit. Feel free to speak to the coaches regarding this, as they all have access to the team threads.

This is how you can join a team – Introducing the Scouting Period

The Scouting period for the teams runs until April 1st. Basically it’s a period when each team will be scouting for players (along with their FPL IDs). The squads will then be announced on 2nd April.

You can also approach a captain, vice-captain or a coach to join the team of your interest. If you check the squad page, most of them have linked their Twitter or Email IDs. You will notice a few teams have signed a a few core team players already. So if you’d like to express your interest, the time is now!

Here’s the best part. There are no rules for the scouting period. You have no obligation to keep your word after signing for a team. It’s the biggest benefit for you as a a player – enjoy the open market. As long as you let your captain/vice-captain/coach know within 31st March, you’re good. For example, you can transfer to Australia if you find their offer/team more interesting, despite signing for England earlier.

Let the scouting period begin!


27 thoughts on “FFS ICC Champions Trophy 2013 – Pilot

  1. Let the scouring period commence……….plucky New Zealand a beautiful country, apparently despite the size of their rugby players, the country hosts hobbit land?? What has this gotta do with FPL – nothing. But Ginkapo & I will be keen to recruit FPL die hards to represents the All Blacks in this team based FPL game.

    Get on it…….

  2. When I was first approached to join Team WI, I thought they were talking about the Women’s Institute.

    I quite fancied the thought of exchanging a few knitting patterns whilst nibbling on a slice of Mrs. Buckets homemade Battenberg.

    Oh how wrong I was…..

  3. ENR trying so hardly to get me in his team

    he even offers me to be VC in trying to bribe me 😀

    but i am staying loyal to my lovely australian team

  4. Trying hard to make team India…let me know Zep. If there’s an interview do you pay travel expenses?

  5. Not sure if this is country of origin like the Doubles, but I’d be happy to join if boundaries are a bit loose. I did live in Lahore for a year if that helps my Pakistan chances! Regardless, if any teams need a player, please let me know. Thanks.

  6. Any vacant spots for a permanent 12th man? 🙂

  7. As a Pakistani, I’d love to be a art of my country if there are any vacant spots left.

    My rank atm isn’t really impressive but then again, i’m a decent during the final overs 😉

  8. I’m up for a spot. I’m from england, but I do like a good curry…

  9. I’d like to join the Indian team. Any spot left?

  10. Who is the captain/vice captain of the Germany team?

    I want to join the team

  11. any team ?? preferably indian or asian team? 🙂

  12. Let me know if any managers are interested in recruiting. FPL id = 7

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