FFS ICC Champions Trophy – Important Announcement

As you may have seen on FFScout, Mark and the Scouts have very kindly agreed to feature the ICC Champions Trophy article on the top of the site. Henceforth, I would encourage you to focus all ICC tournament related banter / scouting alerts / posts / comments on FFS in that post or on this site. If you have any questions regarding the tournament, once again, please leave them here or on that post again.

Coaches/captains/vice-captains/players everyone alike,

I urge you to redirect the posters who’re seeking queries about the Cup to that post. Your cooperation and leadership in this regard  is very appreciated.

Last but not the least, three cheers to our favorite Scouts!

Good luck everyone.

3 thoughts on “FFS ICC Champions Trophy – Important Announcement

  1. With the interest through the roof, I think we should make our secret plans public.

  2. greetings gentlemen

    very interesting format, not seen anything like that before…fair play guys…if anybodys short of a player give me a shout…

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