Scouting Period – ICC Intervenes, Part 1

Thank you everyone for the phenomenal response to the ICC Champions Trophy 2013. The coaches and captains have been swarmed with player offers and most teams have now filled up their playing 11.

Due to the above reasons, ICC has intervened and made a minor rule alteration. Please read the amendment as below.

  • Each team will now have 15 players each on the roster. If the coach isn’t registered in the team roster, he will not be allowed to play throughout the Cup. Like FPL, there will be 11 playing squad members and 4 on the bench each week.
  • The concept of a 12th man is no longer valid.
  • The captain has the ultimate power to pick his squad. The Vice-captain, the coach and team members can provide guidance.
  • The coach is in-charge of submitting the playing 11 and updating the Cup spreadsheet with the FPL links. He may delegate it to the captain or vice-captain. You may choose to post your squad on the ICC article on FFS for laughs.
  • Squad Submission Deadline – Friday 2359 HRS UK time before the GW. Pratik (being the official umpire-cum-scorer-cum-vice-captain) will have the official word on this, in case of any clashes.

If you have any questions, feel free to approach your coaches for more guidance.

Anyways lads guess what – it’s only Day 1. Another 12 days to go in the Scouting Period! The fun has only just began…

PS – Link to the ICC article on FFS – please be reminded to focus all Cup related comments to this post or on this site.

17 thoughts on “Scouting Period – ICC Intervenes, Part 1

  1. Here’s a selfish post from me.

    I don’t like the 15 man squad idea. It takes away from the cut-and-thrust of the ICC ideals. If you base it on cricket, stick to the rules of cricket. Not rugby.

    I liked the law of averages for 12 men. Some weeks you’re in, some weeks you’re out. There’s only one “loser” and that makes it interesting.

    If you have 15 members in a talented squad, it might be good for bigger scores but I can guarantee I’ll be in the “bottom four” nearly every week.

    Less interesting for me now.

    Selfish post over.

    • Considering WI’s phenomenal team roster, are you just nervous you may dropped out of the playing 11 most weeks? 😉

    • I agree. I know Ginks was going with a 20 man “squad” but us Pakistanis aren’t so mercenary. It just causes complications I really don’t want to pick 11 out of 15 teams every week. I have enough trouble picking my FPL team, FFS!

    • I agree with Sporting. The 12 man squad is much more appealing.

  2. I’m a free agent at the moment 😉 hot prospect in the market with some ballsy differentials. Will settle for a 2 year deal with a wage of a free case of beer a week 😛

  3. would love to get involved, fpl id is 36590, message me @peppieandfelix if your interested.

  4. Hey peeps 🙂
    Great Job FFS UEFA Council for organizing such an awesome event .
    @ SA Captain
    Would love to join any team but if i get a chance to represent Team SA it would be great. 😉

  5. I’m a free agent.

  6. If West Indies are still recruiting could I join, I dont mind being water-boy as my rank is shocking, theres no links to the capt/ coaches emails and I’ve lost Doosra’s

  7. Evening All

    Welcome to a late night Press Conference which I am happy to be bringing you.

    With Real Football commitments over the last two days, as Coach of New Zealand, I have left my captain to undertake a fair amount of work for the nation. Ginkapo & I have discussed things very closely and whilst a little frustrated at the rule change, which thwarted our initial plans that was communicated to all squad members, we are now focusing attention on few other little ideas for those in our squad – all of which will be revealed in the next few days.

    Having spent the last hour perusing the pages, many FFS regulars will have witnessed the stress placed up my trusted captain, Ginkapo is fine, and is at home feet up, smile on his face and planning for the ICC.

    The conference has been called to publicly sack BREADBIN, and banish him from representing this country in the future. Having begged to join our ranks, I find the abuse that has been thrust upon not just the Captain, but also Toonzie – a trusted and loyal member of our nation totally unacceptable.

    Our team spirit is un-wavered and the committee is committed to ensuring our members participate in the usual banter but anybody overstepping this will be equally dealt with in short sharp shrift.

    Please enjoy the rest of your evening…..and if BreadBin is out there, I make no excuses for this Public sacking, please return any club kit and leave the Club car keys with Mr Lomu as he escorts you from the building.

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