Scouting Period, Day 2 – ICC Announcement

The intervention of ICC in Day 1 saw some mixed emotions. The team management and players already chosen grew more white hair whilst players not chosen opened a bottle of champagne. We’re almost at the close of Day 2. We have some good news tonight….no intervention. This is just an update, albeit important one.

Reset of ICC article on FFScout

We would like to reproduce this important message from Mark with his permission:

I’m going to archive the article tomorrow and replace it with a carbon copy. This will generate a slightly different link and will reset the comments to zero. If there’s anything you need from the current list of comments then please copy it out and repost it when I’ve added the new article.
This will take place tomorrow morning and it’s necessary to ensure that the site doesen’t slow down – sadly wordpress is not coded to deal with 4000+ comments in a thread 😉 HomeCrowd will be though.

Team Threads (Optional)

As promised in the Pilot article, one of the features of the tournament will be the team threads. The objective is to encourage everyone being actively involved in the banter and make it convenient for tracking posts specific to your team.

You can now actively participate in the banter by posting on the ICC article on FFS. The coach or the captain can then chose selected best posts on there and link them on the team threads. You can now find the team threads under the above menu – Go to International > ICC Champions Trophy 2013 > Team Threads > Choose the country. It is totally upto the captain or the coach how frequently he wants to keep it updated. In case the coach or the captain may have missed out your post and you feel it is invaluable to your country, it might be a good idea to inform them. You can even use it as alternative to get in touch with your team-mates to discuss strategies. As an example, you can view South Africa’s team thread. It might be worth bookmarking your team’s thread too.

However, we will continue to have all announcements from the ICC on this site.

PS: More details have been sent out to coaches. 

Scouting Period – Day 2 – Round Up (By ICC author Dr Isacki)

Forca Inter flees Australia for South Africa!
FFS’s very own Dalai Lama, Forca Inter, made good on intense speculation regarding his future at Australia when he signed for International Criminal Court favourites South Africa. Forca was ecstatic at his transfer, saying “ICC is getting too easy. I just want challenge”. The previous night Forca had cutely played hard to get when approached by South African meerkat agents, saying he didn’t want to let his team down and would only leave with permission. South African puppetmaster ENR then declared he would make a suitable offer…

Aatish on the other side of swap deal!
… which turned out to involve a swap deal for the quickest refresh button in the West, Aatish. Aatish comes to Australia with considerable pedigree including the greatest number of FIRSTs and NEW POSTs in FFS history. Aatish boarded an Australia-bound plane from Johannesburg in late evening today and is currently in transit at Singapore, where he has reportedly achieved first place in the luggage queue.

Christina gets Windy with Abeergut!
Our resident Saffer Christina made the surprise decision to join his former Euros partner/bane of his life Sporting ABG at the most chilled out mandem in the ICC – the West Indies. Sources describe their first meeting as ‘amicable’ with divorce proceedings finally coming to a close after an arduous 9 month court battle. Insiders are not prepared to rule out a little ex-spouse action, although they stressed this was ‘an incredibly bad idea, there are some things you cannot unsee’.

Valour Awards of ICC Scouting – Day 2

Sri Lanka – for managing to get a starting 11 entirely composed of Spurs players.
West Indies – for putting Christina and Sporting together.
England – for getting Attila the Bum out of nowhere as well as Paul who writes all our articles.
South Africa – for confusing International Cricket Council with International Criminal Court.
Forca Inter – think Wayne Rooney asking to leave United for City. Think Sol Campbell crossing the North London divide. Or just think of Joey Barton. You’re already feeling a bit heated aren’t you? Now imagine him kicking your favourite player after being sent off and trying to headbutt your captain. He’s the teammate I never got a chance to know. We were meant to be together, like Gorkss and Mariappa. But it takes valour to do such a thing.  Such a stupid, stupid thing. Don’t harsh him.

Can we have a big bravo for our captains/vices/coaches who’ve worked overtime to keep this Cup running smoothly!

Until the next ICC announcement, good luck folks! Hope you’re enjoying the Scouting Period saga.


13 thoughts on “Scouting Period, Day 2 – ICC Announcement

  1. Thankyou, this is a very positive post

  2. Let me know if there is a spot open. FPL id = 7

  3. Props to Dr Isacki for the round up at a really short notice….

    You’ve got to the valour award to Forca Inter. AMAZING 😀

  4. fantastic read

    thanks for award isacki 😀

  5. Brilliant Article! 😀

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