Scouting Period, Day 3 – Round Up By EboueAoE

As ICC Scouting period day 3 draws to a close, selected (and benched) players are left reeling following the denial of a record-breaking transfer to new Zealand for fantasy god ‘evs (Richards- and no I don’t know what the Richards is for either)

The most famous Welshman since Tom jones left the new Zealand staff and team bewildered as their target evaded their grasp. As he left the conference- one might have thought the tournament had commenced already, or that Lionel messi had decided to try his skills at the brittania- such was the level of the chaos.

Inevitably, many responses to the news were inadequate. A Korean sounding person could only utter sadly ‘hax?’ hopefully, while that annoying kid from the Simpsons was simply repeating three letters per and over, perhaps unsure of whether an extra letter was needed to complete this unfathomable conundrum.

We promise to keep you updated as this rapidly emerging story becomes clearer to comprehend.

Eboue something or other, Sky Sports news (Source)

Although Ginkapo claims he is EboueAoE, New Zealand Press office

PS: More good news – ICC is getting lazy. No announcement tonight, barring tremendous turn of events.

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