Scouting Period – ICC Intervenes, Part 2

Good evening cricketers,

Hope you’ve been practicing your batting in the nets. Don’t forget you can get rusty if you don’t put much effort.

Anyways, we have a few important announcements tonight on Day 4.

1) Announcing the ICC Umpiring Panel

So far we have coaches, captains, vice-captains and players. We believe this game is incomplete without the umpires (aka referees). So ICC is proud to announce there will be an umpiring panel, to make decisions on any clashes, interventions, rule changes, etc in an objective manner. Currently, the umpiring panel is represented by Pratik, who is also the official Cup scorer and the vice-captain of Spur Lanka. He is joined by the former interim coach of Cricket South Africa, ENR, who came pleading to the doorsteps of ICC saying he was jobless and homeless. However, we are potentially looking to increase it to a panel of 3-4 and are on the lookout for possible umpires. We shall keep you posted.

2) Homegrown Player rule

Every team will now need to have atleast one player who is originally from the same country. If teams choose not to follow this rule, they will face a penalty of 10 runs per game. In the unlikeliest scenario that there is a tie between 2 teams and the captain’s scores end up being equal too, the homegrown player will come into play. Each team will now declare their homegrown player/s in the SQUAD page.

3) Financial Fair Play (FFP)

ICC believes in fair play. We are a corrupt-free organization and believe there should be financial equality between the teams participating in this privileged Cup, based on the gentleman’s game.

So, each team has been provided a budget of 100 million pounds and they have to use that to fill up their 15 players on the team roster. Failure to follow this rule will again result in a penalty. FFP will come into play on 2 April 2013, following the team roster submission. The penalty is calculated as 10 runs per game for every extra million pounds used.

The ICC have developed a FFP calculator that the team management can use to determine their team value and the penalty they will concede per game.

We have developed a Google Spreadsheet, which can be used for the same purpose (although a few manual entries are required).

Through the FFP, the ICC wishes to achieve a few other objectives:

– The FFP evens the playing field between teams.

– Teams can now determine their team value and use it for boasting purposes (also establishing a similarity to FPL)

– If you notice the criteria in the FFP Calculator carefully, you will see that this rule makes new posters/FPL amateurs/reasonably non-high FPL rankers/non-WC holders a strong contender for selection. Most teams will need them to be able to adhere to FFP.

– Determines how important the team management deems their key players to be. One line of thinking could be that the key players are too important for the team, so much so that a mere penalty of 20-30 points is reasonable. After all, it’s a head-to-head of 11 vs 11. The other line of thinking is that the team is more important than a player, that they would like to play it safe and adhere to the FFP.

– You may ask why we have introduced this midway and not from the start. With this new theme of a team head-to-head game, we were hoping not to swarm the game with many rules. Also, it makes it more realistic and comparable to real-life, now that FFP is introduced in between the scouting period. We would also encourage players to consider offers from other teams, depending on how important their team deems their role to be (questions over playing time perhaps?)

If you have any difficulty in understanding the FFP, you can always contact your coach or one of the umpires. Meanwhile, enjoy the Scouting Period.

4) FFScout article update

Remember the ICC article on FFScout is still active. Please limit the ICC discussions to that article or on this site. Do note a minor change that all comments will not appear on the “Recent Comments” section on the right, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t see your/others names in there.

In case you missed the previous ICC updates/announcements, you can always click here


4 thoughts on “Scouting Period – ICC Intervenes, Part 2

  1. FPL experience. Is that in years?
    Is the answer to any FFS UEFA experience a value of 0 or 1?

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