New Zealand Press Conference

Good Evening and welcome

After several hours of soul searching, head scratching, scrotum adjusting and general FPL team analysis this afternoon, the Committee finally agreed on the selected Squad for the forthcoming ICC tournament.

As you will all be aware from previous communications and ongoing dialogue on FFS, there were some rule changes imposed by the Council (also some rules which were revoked). However the one rule which thwarted the Back Caps plans more than other nations were the restrictions imposed on squad size.

Ginkapo & I had found an initial loop hole and prior to the Council closing the loop and placing the restrictions we had recruited a very health squad of 23 wanna be Black Caps. The Rule Change then restricted squads to a final confirmed squad of 15. As a result we have offered all Black Caps an Internal competition, which will run in parallel to the ICC with 4 man teams competing (of which we have one space to fill).

The Selection Committee analysed each current squad, irrespective of the current rank, and looked at free transfers available, cash in the bank, potential DGW players, current injuries, previous 6 week history, differentials and many other tangible aspects, whilst also considered other intangible benefits such as forum use, etc.

Ultimately with squads very similar many aspects were debated and unfortunately as Team Coach I had to make the final decision on selections and as a consequence, would congratulate and formerly welcome the 14 players below, who are now confirmed squad members (subject to any late enforced changes).

The remaining 15th and final place is to be confirmed at 10pm on Sunday as the unfortunate 9 players, who failed to cement a squad place will compete against each other in a GW 31 playoff – the FPL scores for each team will be recorded at 10pm on Sunday and the highest GW score will get the 15th spot in the squad and having omitted my own team from the initial 14 (as felt it was not currently as strong as others) then I too am part of the 9 (No Free Ride).

Therefore having beaten around the proverbial bush the 14 squad members are(in No Particular Order):

Ginkapo (C)

Corkyote (VC)













Again would like to apologies to those not automatically selected and wish the very best of luck to the 9 players competing for the final squad space. As you can imagine, selection was not easy however firmly believe the squad selected will do the Nation proud.

Thank you for you time and now open for questions from the floor….



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