Loan spell over

Tally Ho,

hope you’re all having a tip-top weekend,

You’ve probably noticed my bonus predictions have popped-up on the ‘stock check’ articles on fantasyfootballscout, this was a casual discussion which went on for a while and while a seperate article on the site seemed a bit OTT for what are essentially just bonus predictions this seemed a decent compromise to make the predictions as easily viewable as possible.

This marks the end of my loan spell with the UEFA Council, hope you understand the switch, it’s purely about getting the predictions out to those who want them as quickly and as visibly as possible, therefore the bottom of a scout article seemed the optimum solution.

So long squires. x


One thought on “Loan spell over

  1. Thank God you quit……Would have been awkward if he had to fire you 😉

    It genuinely makes sense that you decided to quit the council, as your post is better reached via FFS. Great Work by FFS to give you a snippet in the article itself. Should have happened much sooner if you asked me. Enjoy 😛

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