Announcing the ICC Friendlies

Good afternoon cricketers,

We are delighted to announce the friendlies in GW32, as a warm up to the Cup opener in GW33. Winners get bragging rights and the losing team have nothing to lose.

Click here to see the confirmed fixtures 

You can also follow @FFS_UEFA on Twitter for more updates (#FFSICC2013)

Let the fun and frolic begin!

PS – The ICC Article on FFScout is up and running once again. Join the banter!


2 thoughts on “Announcing the ICC Friendlies

  1. Evening……late night presser,

    However, the selection committee has benched the following 4 players for NZ friendly V Pakistan:


    We believe the XI selected are in the best shape to compete this week against the Pakistan tourists.

    Any questions?

    No – thanks & goodnight.

  2. Team Pakistan have rested the following players, to give them more time to prepare for the tournament proper:
    Gigging Order
    Boom Boom

    Team Pakistan would like to wish the Sheep Worriers the best of luck… for GWs 33-35.

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