Pitch Report – ICC Friendlies

Good morning cricketers,

It’s GW32 and it’s time for the ICC Friendlies. ARE YOU READY?!?!?!

With the game about to commence in a few hours, we have the pitch report from our in-house FFS ICC commentator Geoff Shreeves.

There is no sign of last night’s scary rain; the sun appears to be shining with full zeal and zest, almost like it is here to witness the much awaited competition. Batting first will make little difference on this soil. The pitch is green but less than what was expected. Dew will be a major factor in the encounters. The pitch is also expected to witness some hard hitting strokes from teams. With the weather being warm and humid, the players’ physical fitness will be tested.

And now…..we have the much anticipated team sheets.

Spur Lanka vs West Indies

Spur Lanka

Anorak Spike Royal5 LeoMessi RuLocal Pratik OldSchool KingNilMiss Frazek JWF PureOlivia

Subs – ScroobiusMac FuzzyWarbles Yoda GazDownright

West Indies

VivEvsRichards LaraRiser12 AlvinAcquafrescaKallicharan EpicFail AK Champ ChristinaGayle TheDoosraOfLanceGibbs Dynamic ColonelShoe HoldingABeergut

Subs – Bericket DaTinkamon RCA MegatronX


New Zealand vs Pakistan

New Zealand

Corkyote PhilLFC Triggerlips MattMo Optimus Toonzie PDM Teddy Pilgrim Yash Lawro

Subs – Ginkapo Ronty Aguerilicious NCIB


4vets (c) HunterThompson SuperDunny 1966 Mull AjayKL FCBorecelona YoungAndArrogant CrouchPotato Kaz SarnabWazza

Subs – Emperikal GiggingOrder BoomBoom Shipstontrev


Australia vs South Africa


Jinswick Jonah WildRover Aatish Gargamel HVT Declan MJ6987 BackToBackBallacks TheProfessor GiggsBoson

Subs – Berbilly Isacki TW Messimerized

South Africa

BembaDa ChuYoungPingPong Thomass67 RonH ForcaInter Daniel Jack(Off)Attack DoctorX Breadbin NopliThePlaymaker HillBillyPete

Subs – G-G-Granville Mark Jonty ENR


England vs India


ImpressiveTackle Bubbles Zophar DavidBrent Heco87 Demi InLikeFlynn BeSlowBoy OrpheusJones AttilaTheBum Paul

Subs – Goose GoonerDave KingsOfLyon Dingus


Milanista CaptainShirokov SantiagoUnreal JK TheGame DrEnnet Pepin TheParmtree ChancingPunt MCH TommyTour

Subs – Eunuch TokyoRed Dadoune Zep


It may all be just a friendly but the teams have put their best players forward. We’re in for a gripping battle here. Let the games begin!


One thought on “Pitch Report – ICC Friendlies

  1. So predictions for the winners?
    For me, West Indies (as Bale is crocked) Pakistan. Australia and India. Let the mind games begin!

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