Team Australia Preview

Team Australia in our crack training base in Castlemaine XXXX Island. Some of the barbies here are beyond belief.

G’day mates…

Well hello there from all of us. We’ve even attached a postcard above from our tough training camp. You can see all of us have been having a great time, though some of us are a little worse for wear from last night’s pre-tournament party – the four lads at the top were snapped around 4am after the 7th round of tequilas. I’m typing this from a laptop covered in silly string and party poppers with a dull headache and a serious case of the munchies. So, how are we doing? The mood in the camp is very relaxed with the experienced management team of Cap’n Berbilly, Vice Cap’n Giggs Boson and Coach TW not only running things with ease but covering all of our drinks! Cheers!

On the last week…

When the coach asked us which team we’d like to face in the GW32 friendly, there were a few different ideas but we quickly settled on hosting our old friends and rivals South Africa. Many of us were looking forward to a reunion with our best buddy Forca Inter, not to mention the amazing banter of Bemba Da, Chu Young Ping Pong, RonH and Daniel among others. It was a no brainer once we’d obtained UN Security Council permission to play them and got all the insurance sorted. There was a bit of a hiccup in customs as an unidentified member of their party was caught attempting to smuggle a copy of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never into the country, but the game was allowed to go ahead after airport security destroyed it in a controlled explosion.

We felt pretty confident going into the MCG on the day of the game. In the end it was a damn close run thing but we’re pleased to come out on top, 320 runs to 319. Pleasingly, we were the more consistent of the teams with solid knocks from most of the batting order, which is testament to our team spirit. Jonah top scored with 37 with most scores hovering around 30 and a very solid performance from the middle order and tail. In contrast, South Africa had a real mixed bag of performances, with Jack(Off)Attack top scoring with an impressive 49 but Thomass67 and Breadbin low scoring with 14 and 17 respectively. We’ll need to bring our A-Game to the tournament though, of course, and rest assured we’re rolling up our sleeves to really get started…

On the coming weeks…

We’ve been drawn into a mouthwatering group for the Champions Trophy. We begin our campaign  with none other than the Ashes showdown against our biggest rival, England. England’s squad is about as old-school as it gets, with a distinguished cast of period actors (I joke) including Impressive Tackle, Attila the Bum, Demi, Bubbles, Fratboy and In Like Flynn to name a few. This calls from a fast start from the group and I’m confident we’ve got what it takes to bring back the glory days of Ponting and the Waugh brothers. Well we’d better, anyway, for our sake when we get back home. The next game keeps up the momentum with a local derby with New Zealand, coached by that rascal Ginkapo. We’ll get to see how his “Fantasyball” strategy does there. Can’t look too far ahead now, but the crucial final game has a special place in this Gooner’s heart as we’re up against crosstown rivals Spur Lanka coached by Holtbius Gylfius Scroobius Mac.

Roll on the tournament. I’ll drink to that. Let the games begin!

Your man in the sun,


Castlemaine XXXX Island

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