New Zealand Team Selection

The opening day of the ICC having chalked up a very impressive “friendly” victory V Pakistan the team has been eagerly anticipating this GW33 tournament curtain raiser v Spur Lanka.

The friendly provided the Coach & Captain with some fantastic insight into the depth of the squad as both Ginkapo & Bonz sat in the players lounge orchestrating the 49 run victory whilst dancing the Haka, polishing that ring and eating freshly barbecued  NZ lamb  (we will not mention slurping for the duration of the match on happy juice).

With tails up and a full weeks rest, the selection committee spent a significant amount of time analyzing the previous weeks performances, the girth of DGW players whilst also looking to ensure the inclusion of a few differentials and we are very confident that after “tossing off”, we will smash the AVB loving losers!

Despite our earlier squad announcement, please note a slight adjustment as during late evening session we realised there was an oversight & had omitted a “wikky”!

Vice Captain Corkyote  opens the bat with follow big hitter Yash both pulled the Wild Cards out to take full advantage of the GW fixtures & we expect a big knocks from both!

The rest of the batting line up supported fully with Optimus & Lawro , both offered great knocks last week, but their selections bring in a few unpolished gems who may just smash the boundaries!!

The All Rounder will be coming in off the bench  Captain Ginkapo at No5, took hits last week to get his team in shape and with 7 DGW players & a Sturridge differential.

Keeping wicket – Teddy bats at No 6,  with his squad packed with potential differentials, who seem to keep him ticking along nicely.

Another stepping off the bench is Ronty, who sat out the friendly with a wrist injury, in at No8, with an interesting Everton pairing of Pienaar & Fellaini.  He will be the spin attack with a great Googly, complimenting Toonzie’s reverse  flipper – another with a Walcott / Caz duo!

The Bowling attack  is then made up of our two quickies – Pilgrim  who has had this trouble previously, and PhilLFC who’s faith in Liverpool will be tested after a 4point hit.

Last but by no means least the 11th man offering huge batting and medium pace potential is Triggerlips – again Wall/Caz could be a huge GW.

There you have it a few cracking DGW midfield duo’s which resulted in benching a few who failed to inspire this week during the training sessions…..all can count themselves unlucky & prove a point in the nets in order to force their way into the team for next weeks derby clash v Australia.

So predictions……the Coaching staff expect the starting squad to amass around 1013 runs this GW, however much will depend on that armband!!

Thats me , over and out live from Makka Pakka’s cave in the heart of the Shire!



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