Team India Preview

Fresh of a victory over England in a warm-up match Team India, led by the maestro Zep, and his able assistants Pepin and Milanista head into their opening match-up against the unpredictable South Africans full of confidence. The Coaching team have assembled a crack squad featuring such luminaries as Parmtree, Unreal, former World Number 1 The Game, and both Captain’s Santon and Shirokov, amongst a whole cast of ‘elite’ stars.

Team India will likely go into the match full of confidence with both Tokyo Red and Captain Santon (JK) on wildcards, and with the Parmtree having 8 for this week’s double with a wildcard still to use. Throw in the hugely inform UnReal, along with TommyTour and EJ and you have a side that looks ready to go for victory

As well as Pakistan and South Africa, India also face pre-tournament favourites the West Indies, so all of Zep’s nous will be needed to guide his team through. But Team India is a strong united team, with it’s sights set on glory. Check back here next week to see if India triumphed of the dysfunctional South Africans pulled it together to come out on top.

This is JK reporting live from FFS ICC headquarters (the Council were too cheap to pay for anything)


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