Team Pakistan Preview by Shipstontrev

After a gallant performance in the warm-up game against New Zealand, Team Pakistan is fit and raring to go as the match against the Women’s Institute, sorry West Indies begins tomorrow.

The team is captained by 4vets, whose dedication to the cause is so great that he is out for a curry tonight. Hopefully the food will agree with him, as nobody wants their insides to turn into the Rawalpindi Express! Vice captain Hunter S Thompson is on his usual late season run of good form and is hotly tipped to do well this week.

The next four players in the batting order are all taking their Wildcards for the team, so FC Barcelona, regular FFS posters Crouch Potato and 1966 was a good year and the star of a recent Scoutcast Gigging Order.

This being a DGW, teams with 6 DGWers or more should do well, so Emperikal, Ajay-KL, Adnan (Boom Boom) and Sarnab should all have a chance of a good score, as should the Coach and Wicketkeeper Shipstontrev. So beware Doosra And The Differentials, Team Pakistan is coming to get you!!


3 thoughts on “Team Pakistan Preview by Shipstontrev

  1. 4 wc’s! bullet dodged

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