Pitch Report – Matchday 1

Good morning cricketers,

It’s GW33 and it’s time for the inaugural game of the much anticipated Cup games.

With the game about to commence in a few hours, we have the team sheets from our in-house FFS ICC commentator Geoff Shreeves.


Spur Lanka v New Zealand

Spur Lanka

Frazek JWF ScroobiusMac OldSchool Anorak PureOlivia KingNilMiss GazDownright Spike Royal5 LeoMessi

Subs – RULocal FuzzyWarbles Pratik Yoda

New Zealand

Corkyote Yash Optimus Lawro Ginkapo(C) Teddy Toonzie Ronty PhilLFC Pilgrim Triggerlips

Subs – PDM MattMo Aguerolicious NCIB


West Indies v Pakistan

West Indies

VivEvsRichards LaraRiser12 EpicFail AK Champ ChristinaGayle TheDoosraOfLanceGibbs Dynamic ColonelShoe DaTinkamon Bericket

Subs – HoldingABeergut RCA MegatronX Acquafresca


4vets (c) HunterThompson 1966 AjayKL FCBorecelona CrouchPotato SarnabWazza Emperikal GiggingOrder BoomBoom Shipstontrev

Subs – SuperDunny Mull Kaz YoungAndArrogant


Australia v England


Jonah Jinswick WildRover Aatish Gargamel HVT Declan MJ6987 Messimerized TW Isacki

Subs – Berbilly GB TheProfessor B2BB


Orpheus KingsOfLyon Demi Dingus BeSlowBoy Attila Bubbles InLikeFlynn ImpressiveTackle Lewinick(c) Paul

Subs – Goose GoonerDave Zophar Heco87


South Africa v India

South Africa

Granville(c) Jonty Breadbin Forca Jackoff Mark HillBillyPete ENR ChuYoungPingPong Nopli Doctor X

Subs – BembaDa Daniel Thomass67 Ronh


Milanista CaptainShirokov SantiagoUnreal JK DrEnnet Pepin TheParmtree Eunuch TokyoRed Dadoune Zep(c)

Subs – ChancingPunt TommyTour MCH TheGame


Remember to bookmark the Live Scorecard for live score updates.

Let the games begin! Any predictions?


3 thoughts on “Pitch Report – Matchday 1

  1. I predict a riot!

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