Cricket South Africa Preview by Daniel, The Special One

Who are we…?

We are the Saffers!!!!

Our motto: Mess with the best lose like rest.

Saffers rules on the FF field and on the comments field too. That is why nobody messes with them when commenting. Let’s start discussing the squad…

Leader legend captain: Granville – Fantasy veteran, fellow United fan. The real person to be the captain. Had the vision to bench me the opening week. Great call. Leader, captain, legend.

Mark (Vice Captain) – No words needed. He is a brand for himself.

Jonty – We will Full Jonty him surely in the near future. But he is our voice of reason in the team. The mega hauls is what we expect from him. He showed the team, how it’s done, starting with friendlies. He will rise up with the challenge and leads us (points wise) to the promise land – FFS ICC Champions Trophy 2013.

Bemba Da – OMG we are previewing him. OMG he has done 28pt and 40pt hit back in the days. OMG he isn’t top 2 million ranked. OMG he is Bemba. OMG he is THE SAFFER. OMG I/we trust in him. He is fellow Saffer and when needed, called from the bench will shoot the sky (I presume his sky is OMG 😆 ). OMG, OMG, OMG.

Chu Young Ping Pong – The ultimate grav, one of the best posters on the site (FFS and here). Don’t be fooled, he/she is the real deal. Rumors were made that a fellow Egypt lad will sabotage on purpose his Saffers. Nobody mentioned his/her name. No one knows. No know knows that we know. So we know that he knows. Don’t dare say something bad about him…!!! Over.

Thomass67 – He is the Swans fan. Winning the cup. Of course. Piece of cake. Check this year Capital One winner. Swans. He can fly. Anything else to be told? He plays great attacking fantasy football with mega hits. Ready for this task… In their faces, show them Thomass67 😉

RonH –  Our Northern Ireland honored member. He is the fans favorite. Whenever South Africa plays his name is cheered from the crowd. The informal leader of the team (Please don’t tell the scouts, they think all of them are 😀 )

Forca Inter – Me have ranking. Me the best. Me cocky member. Mangjukic the best. Suarez the best. No RVP is better. Nooooo…,,, Me (Forca) the best…!!! Croatia best in the world… The Saffers fully expect he to choke on this tournament. He wasted his FF luck already. But we back him anyway cause he was the transfer deadline star!!! We spent millions on him…

Daniel – Fellow Fantasy Football Macedonian Addict. Rumors were listened that he plans his next vacation, having in mind the opening of the next season … (Bemba screaming OMG in the behind 😀 ). Fantasy Football veteran having terrible season. His best days are way past. Good for bench anyway. Saffers dedicated.

Jack (Off) Attack – Off, on, off, on… You all thought he is kidding but top 500 here he comes. The star of the show, the star of the team. Deadzoner and Australia representative. “Killing”cricket opponent’s week after week is his motto. One of the key members for winning the ICC Trophy.

Doctor X – Every team needs a doctor. Ours is from UAE even. That is all we know about him. He is the X Factor of the team. No injuries, fatigues are expected from all the Saffers with him in the team.

Breadbin –  Going end of season without Wigan spirit in the team…? No chance. All be ready you are gonna be Wiganized. That is why we have our Wigan fan in our team. He comes from…. Wallis and Futuna Islands WTF… Top Grav too.

Nopli the Playmaker – Chelsea fan, he doesn’t know `quitting. Mata grav is his thing. Dedicated to this team. Agitated a lot to be part of it now gets the deserved chance to show what he knows. And he knows his stuff. We are proud to have him. Proud!!! Come oonnnnnn Nopliiiiii show them what you cannnn!!!!!!

HillBillyPete – Of course we are gonna win it. And why…? Because we have a plan. Our first title will be celebrated on Bermuda. His task is organizing the celebration. Get in!!!

ENR (@elninorules) – No words can be said for how much he is appreciated with the team. Unconfirmed rumors that he had tax problems and was hiding from the authorities with in and out of the Saffers. Former coach of the team. Finally he resolved the issues with authorities and get in, back in the team. The heart and soul of the team. Nota Bene: Don’t let us down you will be sorry 😀 😛

At the end we wish all not the best to the former captain and deserter of this team (he knows who he is)

OMG there are the Saffers… Don’t you dare to say something bad about them… Cause man they can fight back.


Written by Daniel, The Special One


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