ICC Matchday 3 Preview – Group A

The more hotly contested of the groups, Group A still has everything to play for with all 4 teams, mathematically at least, still able to qualify, though for one team there doesn’t appear to be much hope.

Australia (2nd) v Spur Lanka (4th)

For Berbilly’s Aussies it’s really quite simple, win. Should they do that then they will be hoping that England fail to beat New Zealand. This is because, should England win then Australia’s inferior NRD (Net Runs Difference) would see them eliminated unless there was a 45 run swing in Australia’s favour, which given England will have won, seems unlikely. 2nd place looks like the best the Aussies can hope for

For Spur Lanka there’s nothing but pride on the line. Although they still have a mathematical chance to qualify, defeats to both England and New Zealand mean that even if they win it would require a massive 197 run swing to see them through

England (3rd) v New Zealand (1st)

Barring an unexpected win for Spur Lanka, nothing but a win will do for England. Even that may not be enough. Having lost to Australia England need to win or hope that Australia can’t beat Spur Lanka by enough runs to generate a 45 run swing against them.

New Zealand are all but there. Avoid defeat and they win the group. A loss would require a 96 run swing against them, this of course is not totally beyond the realms of possibility if they lose AND Australia win then New Zealand will hope that the damage is limited.


4 thoughts on “ICC Matchday 3 Preview – Group A

  1. Any predictions?

    Qualification Odds on Paddy Power

    NZ 5/11
    Aus 23/10
    Eng 10/1
    SL 36/1

  2. Great write-up JK. Aussies just need a big win, we can do this.

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