ICC Awards Nominations (Voting Closed)

Good morning cricketers,

As we’re fast approaching the end of the tournament, it brings us to the nominations for the ICC awards. Each team has been nominated in 2 awards and it is now up to the cricketing community to decide the winners.

Voting ends on May 17th, 2359 HRS. The winners will be awarded at the end of the tournament, along with a few surprise award additions.

England, Spur Lanka and South Africa have been nominated for being the teams with notable themes. England brought back Generation X FFScout regulars, who are all mostly active only on Twitter. Sri Lanka uniquely amassed 15 players who were all Spurs fans and called themselves the Spur Lanka. As soon as the transfer window opened, South Africa became Scoundrel Africa, filled with talented players that sparked controversy. On the other hand, West Indies are nominated mainly because all their 15 players were actively participating in the banter and representing their country with pride with their creative (ahem!) gravs.

As much as this game was about the team, the captain played such a pivotal role to the team morale and performance. Ginkapo Baggins, famous for the theory of Ginkapo-tation, kept his players active by running an internal competition on the New Zealand Cricket Board website, along with Coach BonZ. Captain Zep Dhoni became an inspiration to his countrymen with his creative gravatar generation powers. Not only did he lend his powers to India, but gave a hand to cricketers from around the world. It is for a reason India and New Zealand are unbeaten thus far. Captain of Pakistan, 4vets, commanded his troops to perfection on the field and treated his team everyday to Karachi’s best kebabs and beer. If there was ever going to be one man who could control the dressing room in Cricket South Africa, he was G-G-Granville. He became a popular figure there for throwing a party at Ibiza and was (in)famous for giving 24 pt hit Daniel a debut in the starting XI of Matchday 3.

Scroobius Mac and Mr Fratboy are nominated as best coaches for having to do the scouting and make the team selection all by themselves. Whilst Mac claimed he was in a reverse John Terry agreement with captain Fuzzy, Fratboy was famous for creating the record of assembling his team from scratch in a space of 20 minutes. TW, the youngest coach in the tourney , has been nominated for choosing to make team decisions for Australia over his own FPL team whilst on holiday in Uruguay. Coach Shipstontrev was a guiding light in Pakistan’s journey to a Fair Play team. He bravely absorbed all the sledging from their opponents on behalf of the team. Honorable mention to BonZ, who couldn’t make the nominations due to the 2 nominations limit per team. BonZ along with Mr Fratboy, remain the only coaches to exclude themselves from the 15 player team roster.


It was fantastic to see a few vice-captains step up and involve themselves in team decisions. No doubt they made the job for the team much easier but also aimed to keeping the morale in the camp high. (In one particular case, the Vice-Captain even brought his missus to the nets to provide motivation for his boys to come to nets after they were eliminated)

Get started and support your team. 😉


7 thoughts on “ICC Awards Nominations (Voting Closed)

  1. Oooh… surely it’s too soon to vote?

  2. What have you done to the font in the poll btw? It’s like as if the pic is blurred?

  3. Voting system totally pointless imo, no England, no one on Pakistan to get an award.

  4. Why aren’t all the teams in each category? Aussie’s should be in most spirited 🙂

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