2012/13 Round-up

As the final deadline of FPL 2012/13 passes, many will be nervously awaiting not only the results in today’s games, but what the next 3 months will be like without Saturday morning deadlines etc. I would like to extend the thanks of the council, as well, I’m sure, the rest of the FFS community in thanking Mark, Granny, Jonty, Sir Paulos and all the other scouts who make the site possible, as well as Demi for his dedication to providing prompt team sheets, Parm for summarising them and finally Applebonkers for his tireless work providing us with his bap predictions.

Good luck to everyone in this week’s matches, especially to MJ6987 and Zep as they fight it out for the CL title, and Pratik and Acqua who fight it out for the Europa League title. A special thanks to Pratik for providing the scorecards for these competitions as well as those for the ICC Champions Trophy, in which England will face Pakistan for the title this afternoon.

Enough dilly dallying around, the best of luck to the one person on everyone’s mind, Evs. A mere 8 points behind top spot, he’s gone all Welsh on us and brought in Michu(c). With the four above him having captained Bale, this is a huge differential, but will it pay off and have him crowned as champion? Keep up to tabs with Evs’ progress with TM’s spreadsheet and Pratik’s top 10 scorecard.

Good luck again to everyone, and apologies if I left anyone off.


5 thoughts on “2012/13 Round-up

  1. Great round up, Billy. 😀

    All eyes back on the Welshman.

  2. bap chap should take the day off…it will make it much more exciting if none of the top 10 know where the baps are going.

    Why is he even working today? We won’t have to wait long anyway.

    Request for Bap Chap to stand down.

    Thank you.

  3. Actually, I retract my previous statement…let the bap predictions commence!

  4. I would like to thank none of you for making this a fantastic season for me.

    But especially not Parm.

    Big shout out to my main man Snake Juice, it’s been emotional bro!

    See ya’ll next season, all the best! 🙂

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