FFS UEFA Transfer Window Simulation – Pilot

Geeks and geezers alike,

Summer’s here! And that means, no FPL distraction. But should that mean no distraction from football? Not at all. With a really exciting transfer window on the horizon (especially in the PL), we’re looking to create history at FFS UEFA. We’re delighted to introduce our first non fantasy football based competition.

Wake up managers. Presenting to you – FFS UEFA Transfer Window Simulation.


Participating in this competition are the 20 PL clubs (2013-14).

Each club has an Owner, Chief Scout and Manager (3 members as a minimum, the roles are flexible). Each club may choose to have multiple Scouts (the maximum is up to the club to decide). The owner holds the budget and is the link between the club and FFS UEFA. The scouts quite literally scout for potential players. The manager builds the morale in the team and steps in for the owner when necessary. It is up to the club to decide each member’s roles.

Sounds fun. How the hell does it work?

The aim of every club is to build a team of 15 real-life football players using their budget. The club with the best market value (in €) at the end wins the game.

To start off with, each club is given a budget of 100 bidding tokens. You need to build a team of 2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 3 Strikers using the budget. (No Captain)

Current market value and position of every player can be found here. A twist here is that the market value might change over the course of the summer, so the clubs might want to monitor. For example, if Bale ends up transferring to Real Madrid for 70 mil, his existing market value could potentially rocket. If the player position on TransferMarkt is re-classified after a player has been targeted by a club, the original position is retained.

An example of how a club may look on deadline day is illustrated here.

When does the game run?

The game runs from Jun 7th to Aug 30th in several “Rounds”

Click here for the timeline of the game

Building your team

Each club can build its team in three ways – 1) Bidding 2) Transfer Windows 3) Release of Players

Click here for more details

Special Feature – The Simulator (developed by Dr Isacki)

The game is run on the Simulator.

Everything you need to know about the Simulator can be found here

How can you join the game?

If you are interested to participate, click here to sign up for the game

If you’d like to become an owner, indicate your interest in the form and apply latest by May 29th. The Transfer Window Council pick the 20 owners. Owners will be announced for each club latest by May 31st.

The list of applicants will be made available to the owners. Owners then picks his team members. Each club is expected to have the minimum of 3 team members by June 6th. Beyond that, the owner can continue to recruit scouts, as the club deems fit.

We recognise this might sound a tad complicated at first but we assure you it will make sense as the summer rolls on. However, if you have any clarifications about the game, contact us at ffsuefa@gmail.com

Join the fun!


FFS UEFA Transfer Window Council

(Declan, ENR, Isacki and TW)

Disclaimer – The Council reserves the right to modify rules if deemed necessary.

25 thoughts on “FFS UEFA Transfer Window Simulation – Pilot

  1. I don’t get it…

    then again I only skimmed over it (tl;dr)

    oh and stop calling people geezers


  2. This sounds amazing fun. But crazy complicated. How does the owner, manager, chief scout thing work? Did I miss that?

    • “Each club has an Owner, Chief Scout and Manager as a minimum. Each club may choose to have multiple Scouts (the maximum is up to the club to decide). The owner holds the budget, the decision making power and is the link between the club and FFS UEFA. The scouts quite literally scout for potential players. The manager builds the morale in the team and gives pressers when necessary. It is up to the club and the owner to decide each member’s roles.”

      hope that helps

    • also ” Owners then picks his manager and team of scouts. Each club is expected to have the minimum of 3 team members by June 6th. Beyond that, the owner can continue to recruit scouts, as the club deems fit.”

    • Hehe not surprised it sounds complicated. We even went through a testing phase with a few regulars to refine this to where we are 🙂

      In addition to what TW said, think of it as a team game. Apart from the fact that the owner acts as the club’s representative, the roles really don’t make much of a difference once the game begins. Hope that helps? 🙂

  3. So who do you sign? And then what happens?

    • So…basically. Tokens give you budget to bid for the real-life players you want. Then also the budget to release and transfer players between teams. You know the bidding is like an IPL auction. Bring the players up on auction and then bid for them.

      Check this example out – http://tinyurl.com/o8q6ems

      So say your club is interested in buying Ronaldo. You bring him up on the auction. Then make the highest bid possible, which is enough to win him in the round. Say 20 tokens. Few other clubs bid on him as well, but all lesser than 20 tokens. You win Ronaldo in the round.

      What is he worth to your team? 100 million euros
      (evaluated by http://www.transfermarkt.de/en….._8198.html)

      Like that….you get your players to improve their market value.

      Hope that helps?

    • You “sign” up any player in the world, preferably expensive ones, by blind bidding for them in auction rounds much like a draft fantasy game. The trick is outbidding your opponents and also finding players which are not valuable now, but will be when a transfer goes through over the summer.

  4. So basically the more cheap differentials you have the more chance of making profit there is?

    Personally I’dbe going for PL players like Alex McCarthy (500k), Ben Davies (1.5m), Begovic (5m), Luke Shaw (4.5m), McManaman (1.5m)

    All potentially could make moves and I particularly like the Mcmanaman one.. have a feeling McCarthy or Stekelenburg will be bought by Fulham as Schwarzer’s replacement.

    • McMan should definitely move methinks. So should Maloney

      Could be an excellent strategy to get these budget players with potential to make profit, to go along with your expensive players like the Messi’s and the Ronaldo’s. You need to strike the balance between the cheapies and the biggies so as to be able to best utilize your budget of 100 tokens. Timing these moves in the right round is also crucial, as its probably better to leave these budget players to the later rounds to be used as “fillers”

      Good to see you’re thinking outside the box….are you considering the role of an owner, Bow? 🙂

  5. Am i right in thinking, that the auctions are essentially blind auctions, as in we put our maximum bid in and if we have the high bid we get the player.

    The other point that i wanted to clarify is, assuming that you are the high bid on a player, is the price you pay the amount you bid or is it going to be 1 token higher than the next highest bid, sort of the way it works on ebay if that makes sense?

    • Glad you asked. 🙂

      Yes, it’s a blind auction. And to your second question, it’s the former. So if you win CR7 after bidding 20 tokens for him, you pay 20 tokens in exchange for CR7.

  6. Another Question:

    Just wondering what the order will be for players to be bid on, is it going to be done in order of who is currently the highest value and then work down accordingly for all players that are up for auction in that window?

    Wanted to know because it would influence how you approach bidding, i.e if you want 1 of 3 players for instance but not too concerned exactly which one and know that if you don’t get the highest value or second value player, to then guarantee yourself one, you are prepared to pay more for the 3rd, but obviously wouldn’t want to get the 3rd if the first two hadn’t yet been allocated. Was thinking that the 100 credit limit would easily be able to be used as a stop out for you ending up with all 3 players, just concerned on order of allocation.


    • Ah I think you may have missed this page – https://uefacouncil.wordpress.com/building-your-team/

      Does that answer your question? So following the identification of targets by the teams, we bring up all of them for bidding at the same time. Teams can also bid for players who have been scouted by other teams.

      Hope that helps?

      • I had read the page and no doesn’t really answer my question, i know we can bid on multiple players at the same time but want to know in which order they are allocated.

        I.e: Assuming that i have already spent 93 tokens, as in only have 7 left and am trying to land just 1 player. There are 3 players that i want to bid on in the round and so i have bid 5 for each, knowing that i will only be able to get one based on my budget. Which player do i get assuming that all 3 bids are winning bids.

        Or is it simply that when we put bids in the order we put the bids in determines who it is we get?

        • I know what you mean. Great question.

          Yes, in that case, we’ll assume the order in which you bid is your order of preference. Applicable in Round 1 too isn’t it .

          PS – Good to see you’ve been plotting your strategies 😉

          • Yea also applicable in round one, but suppose it would only come into effect if you won both of your first two bids and the stop was on the fact that your roster was full instead of not having the coin for it, probably wont affect in 2 and 3 but definitely in 4 i would imagine with people bidding a lot for the big guns

  7. Final Question I think:

    How are bidding ties separated?
    As in if there are two winning bids of the same value who gets the player?

    • Tie-breakers for equal winning bids on the same player
      1) team with more budget remaining
      2) team with less players
      3) coin toss

      I’ll add that in. Thanks 🙂

  8. No offence, but I have no idea what’s going on here…and I presume neither do the majority of so called ‘geezers’ (what are you on about ENR…seriously?)

    How do you make a game out of transfers?

    Get real…

    or Get Unreal…

    😎 (guy in sunglasses)

    • Think of it in FPL terms. build a team of 15 players. you have a budget of 100 tokens (bank balance). the way your players score FPL points is through their market value. so the club with the best market value wins.

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  10. Gentlemen,
    This is to inform you that Man City are looking to recruit scouts & manager to build their “Dream Project” in a quest for Premier League dominance.
    If you’re interested in being a part of this “Dream Project”, then contact me asap.
    You’ll regret if you miss this fabulous opportunity.

    Kind Regards,
    Owner of Manchester City

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