Transfer Window Simulator Launch

Mario has something he would like to show you.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Transfer Window Simulator is here, and I’m off to Barbados.

Oh wait… I’d better explain how to use this new toy.

What it is

The Transfer Window Simulator (, built by a crack coding monkey on a coffee drip in the deepest dungeon of FFS UEFA, displays all the information you need to play the game, all in one place.

It’ll be updated every weekend after the deadline and extra frequently from now until Round 1 as players join and nominations come in for the bidding list.

So with no further ado, let’s get straight to the homepage:



Links to all pages are in the navigation bar at the top. Just below it is a ticker which provides breaking news – hirings, transfers, rumours and lols – they all belong there.

Then we have three columns. On the left is the all-important league table – currently all teams level on 0 points of course, as here at FFS UEFA we have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption.

In the center, hirings by clubs are displayed. These are directly taken from the hirings spreadsheet, so the moment owners update the spreadsheet they will appear here.

Finally on on the right is the community tab. At the top is a chatroom for you to have all those wonderfully polite conversations people from different clubs always have when they meet in a confined space.  Inside the chatroom you can easily signup for an account with a grav to ensure you’re recognized. At the bottom is a Twitter feed of of all tweets to FFS UEFA. Tweet us and it’ll appear there – maybe there’s a special message you want to send that special someone on here?

Current round


This displays the list of players you can bid on this round – but because it’s Round 0 there’s no one there of course: your job this round is  to identify up to 5 goalkeepers for bidding in Round 1. There’s a link to your weekly submission form on this page. This week’s deadline is Friday 7th June, 23:59 – in other words, get thinking of some good goalies now!



There’s a list of all 20 Premier League clubs in the game here – alternatively you can pick yours from the dropdown menu. Clicking on a club page will bring you to…

Club summary


The biggie. Here’s an at-a-glance summary of your team.

On the left is a summary of your players. As you buy each player, they’ll be added here.

In the center is the breakdown of your budget, updated after each round to reflect any additions to or deductions from it.

On the right is your staff list, listed by FFS name and role. Yes, your roles are included as you submitted them on the hirings form. You, too, can be a Mascout. Or a Sports Psychologist.

Useful info


Three things here.

On the left is the timeline showing the essential details for each round to keep you on top of your deadlines.

In the center are links to various useful places – the full rules and the application form to join the game for starters. We’ll also include links to any interesting posts related to the game – Ginkapo’s recently published Transfermarkt article  is a must read.

On the right we’ve included transfer rumours from an external site – enjoy at your peril!

But above all…


14 thoughts on “Transfer Window Simulator Launch

  1. Let the games begin! 😉

  2. Nice! Great job guys 🙂

  3. This is a top piece of work, Isacki & Pratik! Amazeballs!

  4. Loving the launch and response guys, makes it all worth it.

  5. Wow, thats great work Ginkapo

    Liverpool, you’re going down!

  6. Thanks to the whole team by the way who helped put this together. TW, ENR, Declan and Pratik our legendary webmaster. Worth all the hours.

  7. Good work!! 🙂

    One thing, Young & Arrogant and Edison have been left off Liverpool’s staff list.

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