Round 0 – Roundup Rawhide

Each week there will be an article rounding up the previous round. This week we look at the Marchetti’s as well as introducing the other awards which will be available after a bidding round.

The Marchetti’s

Ranked at number 17 by current market value Federico Marchetti is somewhat surprisingly absent from the goalkeeper auction list. In this section every week we shall have a look at the auction list and see if we can spot some surprising inclusions or exclusions.

It is important to point out immediately that due to an admin error at TWS towers, *cough* ENR *cough*, Antonio Mirante was overlooked initially but has now been rightfully added to the auction list.

Coming in at 10 million Marchetti is a 30 years old keeper playing for Lazio in Serie A. With 13 cleansheets in 33 matches in Serie A last year and another 7 CS’s in the Europa league he is clearly a player with some skill. In fact his agent goes so far as to say he is a wanted man. His price is unlikely to change much this summer as it appears to have plateaued out in the last few years, and so unless his agent proves to have divine powers his value should still be 10 million come September. Some would say this makes him a perfect squad player for your team… but you’re going to have to wait for round 10 to hope to secure his services.

Andrew Stobie and Beom Young Lee fight it out for worst player of the list. With no one apparently interested in signing either player one cannot expect their price to rise, so why have they been selected? Well imagine come the end of this competition and you’re missing a keeper, you might just end up with one of these guys. Not the most exciting of prospects.

Iker Casillas should be the most important player to sign this week, but how much will he cost? Rumours are flying around of bids in the region of 15-20 tokens, but this rumours are generally spread by interested parties so cannot be trusted. Personally, I would expect a bid of at least 14 tokens to be required to secure his services, but as I am not partaking in the bids I cannot begin to fathom the magnitude of his importance to each team. With certain positions having more or less higher value players it may be best to stick with cheaper keepers for now, but then you miss out upon a good start to the bidding and will be on the back foot for a while. Either way it is best you decide now what your overall plan is.

Order of Extreme Valour

A ffs favourite, this award is pretty self-explanatory, win Andrew Stobie with a 20 token bid and your name will be remembered for ever. Maybe this is the perfect chance for the small clubs, such as Arsenal, to make their name on the international stage.

Jose Mourinho Rumour Mill

Your ticker suggestions are much appreciated, and here is a run down of our favourites;

“Unnamed owner claims Ginkapo has made a gross miscalculation in the initial estimate of team values, it has been suggested that the final amount will now average in excess of 400mil Euros per team. This has changed the face of bidding and has giving rise to a 1 token per 4 million approach.”

I have been suggesting that a total team value of between 200 and 300 million will be achieved come September, and thus a token guide of 2-3million per token to be used in bidding, however, clearly someone disagrees.

“Premiership tax hits TWS hard. With 15 players of the 49 selected playing in the Premiership, token tax is bound to hit clubs recruiting from within the Premiership.”

Read into that what you will, but could foreign talent come in cheaper this Friday night?

“City at it again as Sheikh Messimerized releases the funds for Iker Casillas and Ter Stegen. The Sheikh sees Ter Stegen as the best young keeper in europe and is willing to spend big to secure both players”

Similar ticker requests are coming in from a few teams, it seems Casillas is hot property.

Finally, can I just remind everyone the Round 1 deadline is Friday 2359 HRS BST (FFS time), where clubs will be bidding for goal keepers and also identifying defender targets. See you the same time next week, and in the meantime Keeeeeeeeep Biiiddddddinnng.

Ginkapo – Consultant extraordinaire and all round fantastic monkey


7 thoughts on “Round 0 – Roundup Rawhide

  1. No Kolarov 😯 Gloatmark alert in the last line!

    An honorable mention to Thomass67 and the Cardiff team, for getting the ticker ticking everyday and keeping us on our toes.

  2. Really liking this roundup Gink. Ooh valour, starting to get Euro vibes already. Can it match that tournament? Can anything?

    Although anyone who does bid 20 tokens on Andrew Stobie will probably be crucified.

    • Will never forget how I set up a Valour XI in the last matchday just to win an award and….succeeded at it 😆
      (El Nino won it for me)


  3. This is quality, top work!

  4. The team leading the table has Kaz?

    Surprise surprise

  5. Hey, nice article Gink, but you went wrong with your Casillas token assumption 🙂

  6. By the way, I imagine this has already been suggested and it’s too late for this year anyway, but on the implausible assumption you can be bothered with something similar next year I think it would be interesting to run it with ‘blind’ pricing in the build up to FPL releasing their prices. Whoever had assembled the most expensive squad based on those prices wins.

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