Round 1 – Four in a Bed

Well that was fun wasnt it! You may think that Cardiff have taken the early lead with a brave purchase of Casillas with a ridiculously low bid of four tokens. However, United’s capture of Victor Valdes for a single token was the better piece of business with a staggering 12Mill per token. At the opposite end of the spectrum West Ham captured Maarten Stekelenburg for a meager 0.7million/token.

My guide of 2-3million per token can now be thrown out the window as I can reveal that 3.6mill per token is a good benchmark after round 1. The average bid was 3.82 tokens with 25% of bids single token punts of which a staggering 60% were successful.

Defensive bidding anyone?

If you are missing keepers, then remember that you can trade between teams after round 4 and also buy more keepers in round 10. Its worth noting that Akinfeev, DDG and Reina are all still free agents. Additionally, if you feel you made a bum deal then you can release your keeper this week and get all your spent tokens back with no penalty.

The Marchetti’s

Barcelona appear to be damaged stock, first United win Valdes so cheaply and now Pigue is completely absent from the auction list. In fact it gets crazier, we only have 6 of the top 10 valued defenders and only 8 from the top 20;

1) Thiago Silva 40Mill

2) Sergio Ramos 40Mill

4) Vincent Kompany 35Mill

6) Phillip Lahm 28Mill

7) Raphael Varane 25Mill

8) David Luiz 25Mill

13) David Alaba 22Mill

15) Leighton Baines 22Mill

With multiple defender rounds coming up there is no need to ensure that all your three bids are successful, especially with so much talent not up for bidding.

But this entire round is focused on two guys. Who exactly is going to win Guy Demel and Alexandar Kolarov?

Order of Extreme Valour

Now I could focus on the fact that Messimerised when on and on about Ter Stegen and Iker Casillas all week to only go and end up with just Stephane Ruffier. Or the captures of Stekelenberg and Cesar with such high token bids that I hope both teams are expecting massive summer transfers for their player. But I will go with Chelseas 8 token signing of Petr Cech, its nice to see a club sticking by their own.

Jose Mourinho Rumour Mill

Whoever wrote this deserves a knighthood;

Adil Rami is considereing removing himself from the bidding process, because he understands that Kolarov really should have the number 1 spot

Wenger may be known for not doing very much, but even he would have managed to sign Stobie in round1, or presumambly some tried to complete the trio and picked up Boruc.

Arsenal fans have assembled outside the Emirates demanding an explanation for their inability to buy a player between the sticks. Chants of “Bring back Wenger” echoing across in North London

The sledging has started and COMH muscles right in with suggestions that Manchester are just superior when it comes to all aspects of football. Rumours suggest that Fergie bought off Isacki in extra time.

In reaction to Round 1, Manchester United owner COMH calls TWS a “routine two-horse Manchester race”, asking other clubs to “step up their game”

And finally, a note from the organisers;

BREAKING NEWS: Market values of Casillas and Valdes drop to 30 mil and 10 mil respectively, whilst Courtouis and Muslera enjoy rises of 3 mil each. Makysm Koval rises to 6 mil as well. All Market Value changes will be updated by TWS during the subsequent Round update

Price Rises have started and crazily Ferdinandinho has gone up by a massive 18Mill. (thats City for you) Check them out here

As ever, stay safe at all times and dont accept any sweets from Doosra.

Yours Ginkapo, ever enigmatic consultant.


7 thoughts on “Round 1 – Four in a Bed

  1. Great stuff, Gink

  2. One does not simply bid for Demel, one must earn his respect first.

    Great round up, cheers

    • talking of ones, one will gladly accept the knighthood that should rightly be bestowed upon him.

  3. Good work again, GInk. Would be waiting for something like this every week from you.

  4. Cheers Gink! This is fab. Do you dream of being THAT ref every night? 😉

    Btw…everyone is invited to the TWS happy hour at 9pm every Friday. We had Bemba Da make a guest appearance last week, who will it be this week? Perfect time to celebrate everyone’s hard work. Last minute thrills and excitement. Free booze as usual. No age restrictions. Welcome to all. At TWS Chatango…it’s time to SUIT UP.

  5. That is surely the worst title and photo combination ever 😉

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