Round 2 – Token play that game

With 2 token bids the most popular this round, of which 53% were successful, two tokens really did play that round.
What you all want to know, the vital statistics of the bidding round in which United walked away with the top two defenders. Average Bid was 4.83 which is 1 token higher than round 1. Arsenal and City made the best purchases with Benatia and Nkoulou at 13Mill per token respectively. Agger, Howedes and Samba remained as free agents and stay in the large pool of high valued unbought defenders.
Here is a visualisation of the teams after round 2:
With only 10.3 tokens spent per team so far things could go big this round. This is shown in the targets with 18 of the top 20 selected, only Modric and Di Maria miss out.
We all know him, the former tottenham starlet and Forca favourite, Luka Modric is valued at 35M. With no move likely the only direction for his market value is surely down. Settled at Real Madrid the croatian midget has spent his summer raving about Gareth Bale and inviting him to Spain. I wont try to con you here, there really isnt an upside to him, and the transfermarkt geezers reckon he will be valued at 31M by the end of the summer.
Linked to City, United and PSG the second of our Real starlets is a bit more of a gem in the pack. Currently valued at 34M, a move to PSG could since Di Maria’s price hike. With 8 goals last season he is a real prospect for PSG, and with Real already stating that they want to offload him and Higuain it looks likely to go through for 17M. As we saw with Ferdinandinho, a move to the money heavy clubs can realy boost a players value.
If you arent interested in either of them, then I suggest you hire the big names available this round, with 5 Chivas USA players, 4 Tahiti, Barton and Murphy all available.
Flair Award
Now at face value, Eliaquim Mangala for 7 tokens may seem like a dubious buy. But you have failed to consider his upcycle this summer. Porto’s CB is reportedly up for sale and both United and Chelsea are keen. However, there is a snag, Porto want 42M for him. This may put of most clubs, but our duo are not most clubs. If the deal comes of, and Joe Kinnear doesnt get involved, Mangala’s current price of 8.5M will be a spek in the past. So count your sorrows as you may have missed out on the essential component to wining this competition, you have certaintly missed out on this weeks flair award. Congratulations West Ham.
Jose Mourinho Rumour Mill
If you’d like to wind up your rivals or test the market with a few mindgames, get them on the ticker. Or if you’d like an independent news man reporting your club’s news on FFS, contact the TWS Reporter at (mind you, he is one amongst you)
Now here are this weeks best:
Stoke City fans are disappointed that their owner Dynamic didn’t keep faith in the Britannia legends such as Walters and Delap
And I agree, as Arseman would tell you, a club is only as big as its history. Now are you really going to throw that all away in search of trophyware? I mean really, be more devoted and loyal please managers.
Whilst he may be in the wrong camp, Stilicho is clearly showing how it should be done;
Massive unrest rumoured in the Spurs camp as Stilicho looks to seal Danny Murphy at any cost, whilst the rest of the team want to go bonkers to acquire Gareth Bale.
Some say United are short of bucks, I say that Tehau Tehau Tehau may well be the strongest central midfield combination in the world right now.
Man UTD having already spent most of their money are having to settle for Tehau, Antunez and Caroine so that they can afford to bid for a striker. SOURCE Swansea Gazette
I expect stake and torches to be sharpened at this one. If you would like to know their home addresses talk to ENR. Burning at the stake is not too harshed a punishment for these neysayers.
West ham regretfully announce that Guy Demel’s days at the club are all but over after the signing of full back Leighton Baines. Our thoughts lie with Guy in this sad time.
TWS Deadline has been shifted to Saturday 2359 every week, do check the Timeline for the updated schedule
And with that, I bid you good luck.
Yours Ginkapo. No more monkeying around.

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