Transfer Window # 1 – Discussion Forum

Geezers, brace yourselves.

Well, that was fun wasn’t it. Hearty congratulations on getting through the first few TWS Rounds. Looks like we’re set for a cracking contest. And now….It’s time for the first of the two transfer windows!

Ever been addicted with the transfer window of FIFA Career Mode and wished for a multiplayer version? Ever wanted to know what it takes to step into the shoe of the shrewd Daniel Levy or business magnet Abramovich? This is it because TWS is here to fill your appetite.

What happens in this transfer window?

This is an opportunity for clubs to trade their players for tokens between each other. As long as the deal doesn’t involve a free donation of tokens, anything within the dimensions of players and tokens is a possibility. Let’s take a look at an assortment of fictional deals:

1) Spurs purchase Cazorla for 10 tokens from Arsenal (Simple player for tokens deal)

2) Spurs swap Cazorla for Neuer (Straight swap)

3) Spurs purchase Cazorla from Arsenal, whilst Arsenal get Neuer and 5 tokens in return (Player + Tokens deal)

4) Spurs purchase Cazorla and Moutinho from Arsenal, whilst Arsenal get Neuer in return (1 for 2 players swap)

As you can already see, innovation will go a long way in this window

How to make a transfer work?

Anyone and everyone from the team can get involved throughout a deal. I bet there are some classy negotiators out there. This is your chance.

If you’ve played FIFA, you’d pretty much have an idea how to make a transfer work. But here’s a rough idea…

Enquiry Stage or Transfer Listing Stage

Typically, you can approach a club with an enquiry on a particular player. Ask them for an indication as to how much they value the player you’re interested in? And would they be open to any negotiations?

Similarly, if a club is looking to sell a player, you can advertise your player by opening the floor for any offers. It would be helpful to indicate what you’re expecting in return as well. Tokens? Players at particular positions? Treats at the next happy hour?

Offer and Negotiation Stage

If you deem fit, you can actually jump straight to the offer especially if you know what the club is looking for. An offer is then made to the club and kickstarts negotiations.

Finalising the Deal

A deal is struck when an agreement is reached between the two clubs.

Confirmation of the Deal

Once the deal is finalised, one of the two owners could email your transfer window coordinator and legend, Isacki, whilst keeping the other owner in the loop. Once the confirmation has been done, no changes are allowed.

We shall acknowledge the deal and update the Simulator accordingly.

How you make a deal work is completely up to you. The confirmation step is what is essential for every deal. The deadline for confirming a deal is the usual Saturday deadline of 2359 HRS BST. 

Where can the negotiations happen?

Basically, anywhere. You can choose to use this forum as a hub for all your enquiries, negotiations, pressers and rumours. Expect the mysterious TWS Reporter and a few others to get on your nerves by spreading fake rumours.

If you fancy a real-time negotiation, you know the TWS Chatango is the place to be. Remember, there’s also a private chat feature on there.

Understandably, you don’t want everything to be discussed in public. The owners have access to all the contact details of the owners.

Making the best of the Transfer Window

The possibilities in the transfer window are endless and here are a few ideas on how you can nurture this period.

Keep your options open

Closing the doors early on any potential negotiations might mean you lose out on a good deal. So best to keep your ears open for those gems?


A common term used in the world of negotiations. It involves the two parties involved getting the best out of the deal, whilst the remaining 18 clubs not quite delighted with it. Look out for those scenarios, there are aplenty.

For instance, imagine Barcelona who have a good market value but only 20 tokens remaining. On the other hand, there’s Real Madrid who have 80 tokens remaining but have failed to get a high market value. Both clubs might want to strike a balance between tokens and value.

How about two clubs who are in a similar ROI range helping each other to fill up positions they are lacking? Better to transfer now than releasing players later for a penalty and risking a cheap buy from another club? Perhaps a few clubs who have struck amazing deals during bidding will look to churn some profit during this period?

Aye. Win-Win-Loss.

Friend in need is a friend indeed? 

Thomass67 hit the nail on its head. Hopefully, you’ve managed to forge new “friends” through the game within your club. This gives you a chance to form TWS buddies outside your club perhaps. Friends?

Thinking outside the box

Being a simulation, TWS allows you to shoot for the stars. How about a tripartite deal? Or how about an unofficial loan deal? Say you’re stuck with a limited budget and don’t want to be bullied in the next rounds by running out of tokens, why not offer one of your players on loan only to buy him back in the next window? The other club might ask for a small interest in turn. Hmmm…intriguing isn’t it?

Party mode

There’s no submission this week. So…why not use this time to reflect on your strategies? Perhaps a good time to gauge if your club needs more team members? Still a few free agents out there and a few others on FFS who would be interested to join?

Most importantly, don’t forget to gather your team and party it out….TWS style.

Swansea owner Joga Bonito spotted in Ibiza.

So it’s time to suit up and get into the spirit of the transfer window. Let the drama begin!


13 thoughts on “Transfer Window # 1 – Discussion Forum

  1. Is this competition going downhill?

    Crass friend requests and other such bollox. Really????

    • I expected more but it’s degenerated to the red top tabloid tactics… I didn’t expect this of the organisers. So very disappointed.

      • Tbh, we’re just being upfront about this possibility. It hasn’t happened yet and I doubt it will.

        You’d think every deal made in a gentlemen manner will go some way in establishing a good friendly link too.

        Based on conversations and feedback, the competition has started to become more interesting especially with Rounds 3 and 4 getting all teams into the game. Be happy to get your feedback throughout this pilot game, in case there’s a v2 of TWS.

        Good luck vets 🙂

        • Please accept my apologies for being a miserable sod recently. It’s not been needed and I feel quite embarrassed about it all.

          You’re doing a great job and… just… sorry.

        • Just putting this forward as an idea. Why not allow 4 bids per round instead of 3. I see some teams are struggling a bit to fill the books. It might become more obvious come the end of the game if too many teams don’t complete their 15 man squads.

          • Good feedback Ryan, cheers. As you say, something to reflect on at the end of the game.

            Initial thought is 3 just about strikes the balance between competitive/wise bidding and teams being able to fill up, whilst making the administration of bids manageable. There’s also the option of increasing the number of targets per round to make the list bigger or having one more ALL round in between to mix things up.

  2. A few messages from the clubs, for the benefit of those who might be interested. 😉

    Anorak @FFScout_Anorak (Spurs)
    Calling all #FFSTWS managers!
    Who wants to trade CR7 for the rest of their team? Make me an offer!

    Everton on the ticker
    Team Everton feels that they have no chance of winning the TWS, so respecteive clubs are requested to contact through e-mail in case they want to buy their players. Respective players will be sold to the highest bidders.

    TommyTour (Man City) on TWS Chat
    Anyone want to make an offer for Hulk? Open to offers.

    Aston Villa on the ticker
    Rumours suggest that Aston Villa are looking for swaps deal for 1) doumbia + vucinic and 2) ogbonna + criscito but with players in same positions and similar value of the combos

    Joga Bonito (Swansea) on TWS Chat
    If anybody is looking to sell a mid priced midfielder please get in touch with me

    Potato Ace (Fulham) on Twitter
    Fulham transfer office is open for negotiations. If you have any offers, email us

    Aston Villa on the ticker
    any team wants to exchange their GK(value minimum 15 m) with a 20+ valued forward? contact Neil(Aston Villa) ASAP.

    • whats the email id of Isacki?

      in the upper row it is given that it starts with “i” and in the lower row it is given that it starts with “l”

      I am talking about the confidential google spreadsheet.


    Small change in domain name from to

    Sorry about the inconvenience lads.

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